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Nova bulk email marketing application v4

Nova bulk email marketing application v4

When you buy the app you'll get video explaining the application installation

- NOVA V4 This Application is used by mailing company or person to send affiliate offers or regular Email, you can send up to 10 Millions of emails a day (depending on the number of servers & IPs that you have)

- The system will run on central master server and PowerMTA will run on multiple servers for sending.

- In a case of black listings or problems with provider only one server/IP will be affected, so you change it and your sends will continue.
- The ultimate sending system that is easy to setup and use:
- Auto installs PMTA on any server
- Add vmta
- Auto DNS Settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC...)
- Install unlimited servers with PMTA
- IP Rotation
- Bounce Processing
- Suppression/Black List
- Multiple user Accounts
- Tracking clicker opener leads & Unsubscribers
- Auto add offers from affiliate networks via API
- Auto suppression file via API
- Auto add domain names (Namecheap) via API
- Manage all your Email list in One Place

-- Requirements for installing the application:
linux server withe 5G in RAM withe centos 6 as OS, SSH info to your server , and info to your domain name config DNS


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