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You have a diploma and you want to immigrate to Canada

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You have a diploma, immigrate and work in CANADA

    Canada will welcome 1 million newcomers by 2020, how to join?

You have a degree:

- Technician or Qualification;

- Specialized Technician, DTS or BTS;

- Licence

- Engineer

- Master, Master, DEA or DESS

- Doctorate.

By becoming an immigrant to CANADA, you have the right to work and study, and to obtain Canadian citizenship after 3 years of residence.

How to register?

- Fill out our form by going to: to find out if you qualify


- Introduce yourself to our office at:

Boulevard Brahim Roudani, ATLAS Street, Building N. 45, Office No. 6, (above the pastry cafe the golden dove), Mâarif, Casablanca.


- Contact us by phone at 0522237109 or at 0522237249 or 0522235523


- Visit our website


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