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Who is the administrative assistant and what are his duties?

Who is the administrative assistant 
and what are his duties?

Who is the administrative assistant

The Administrative Assistant has many meals by the secretary, including writing, filing files, answering phone calls and recording notes during meetings. In addition, the Administrative Assistant oversees logistics in the office, cooperates with supervisors of important projects and supervises the secretariat.

Although the Assistant Administrative Assistant requires little prior education, executive assistants or those working in specialized areas may need additional training.

The duties of the administrative assistant often go beyond the secretarial functions, and include dealing with logistics matters for the office, such as ordering equipment, mail and papers that go inside and outside the facility, and coordinate schedules between people.

In many cases, the administrative assistant is a source of information with the public and as such he sometimes acts on behalf of the company. Some senior assistants also supervise initial assistants or secretaries, in which case the administrative assistant may need periodic reports or performances.

Skills group
People working in this position must be good at detail and able to handle many tasks at the same time, because they are often responsible for multiple tables and perhaps supervise the running of a number of projects at the same time.

The administrative assistant should also be good with people, because work requires a lot of interaction with people in the office as well as clients.

Skills of Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is able to make critical decisions and to work independently is an important part of the job as well. The administrative assistant is the person responsible for identifying the important documents of the documents to be disposed of, the e-mail messages that can be dealt with at the office level, You need to transfer to senior management.

On top of all this, an administrative assistant must be good at expression, good writing and good at using technology, where they are often asked to reply to emails, check documents and work with databases.

Terms of reference
An administrative assistant can specialize in a specific department within an establishment, such as human resources or information technology, although this is more common within large enterprises.

Executives work only with the senior management of the company, they can be responsible for a group of people, or work with only one. In either case, the administrative assistant is responsible for controlling access to executives, making travel arrangements and conferences, and interacting with Vendors, and executives from other companies and board members within administrative functions.

In addition, the administrative assistant can specialize in certain areas, such as medicine or law. In this case, some functions of this specialization are added to the administrative functions of the administrative assistant.

For example, a legal assistant can look into legal precedents and assist in settings of briefings, while a medical assistant usually needs to know the insurance bills or laboratory procedures.

In many cases, a person can start this job with a high school diploma or equivalent with some training in business and computer skills.

For specialized positions, such as in the medical, legal, real estate or financial office, he must know specific terms for this position. He must also have courses or courses in the same field of specialization, because management in these disciplines depends on the administrative assistant and considers him the hand Right.

Professional Administrative Assistant
The role of a professional administrative assistant is vital to the operation of many companies. Although a professional administrative assistant performs the same duties as any other administrative assistant, he usually has years of experience, often working with company executives, Or office manager.

Any administrative assistant needs the ability to work well with others, to have excellent organizational skills, and to be proficient in dealing with computers.

Some of the duties of the professional administrative assistant may include the management of communications between the company, its customers and its employees, whether these are mail, telephone, e-mail, or a modern means of communication such as Slack.

The Professional Administrative Assistant also performs tasks such as scheduling meetings, scheduling, carefully keeping records, assisting other staff, and making travel arrangements. It should be noted that most professional administrative assistants perform all these duties and more.

Some additional responsibilities may include hiring and training new staff, helping clients who come to the office, and maintaining office supplies.

This means taking inventory of office supplies and arranging what is required, as well as maintaining record keeping records.

A professional administrative assistant needs to be familiar with the office's technological equipment, be able to make minor repairs, or decide when to contact someone to repair a piece of equipment.

In addition, a professional administrative assistant needs to have the ability to work independently and make decisions. Such as determining which part of the information should be sent to the President, and what could be dealt with independently.

An administrative assistant who serves as the office manager will also need to ensure that the policies of the office are maintained, which may relate to issues such as dress codes. It is also important to ensure that you follow the chain of command, if the office is more formal.

It should be noted that some professional administrative assistants are trained to work in specific areas, such as the legal or medical field.

These areas generally require additional training to learn the specific terms and methodology of the environment in which they will work.

The salaries of assistants in these areas are often higher than standard office wages.


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