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Patreon surpasses 3 million users and forecasts total payments of $ 1 billion in 2019

Patreon surpasses 3 million users and forecasts
total payments of $ 1 billion in 2019

Patreon surpasses 3 million users

Patreon - which allows content providers on YouTube and other platforms to create paid subscriptions to viewers - has announced access to 3 million users.

3 million users on Patreon means that 3 million people pay monthly amounts to creators to support them and encourage them to continue to produce content independently, away from the restrictions of Google ads or other companies.

In this figure, the growth rate of users is 50 per cent, with the number of users in the past year being 2 million.

Patreon reaches $ 1 billion soon
Patreon was founded by musician Jack Conte, who posted his YouTube section and was looking for an easy way to receive contributions and support fans for his online content.

After partnering with Sam Sam, they founded Patreon in 2013.

Conte says of Patron that he is "like a starter for people who publish content on a regular basis" and that the platform receives 5 per cent of each transaction, plus processing and payment fees.

The idea of ​​monthly subscription
What started as an idea for Conte to make money for himself instead of YouTube ads, is now a big project independent of his idea, and has received investments of more than $ 105 million, since its inception.

In addition to exceeding three million users, Patreon said it expects to exceed $ 1 billion in payments in 2019, a huge increase since May, when the company announced it would pay $ 350 million to content creators.

In simple terms, the company's access to one billion dollars of payments and the receipt of 5 per cent of each process, means achieving an income of up to 50 million dollars.

On the other hand, many of the content sharing platforms (Qtelube) offer paid subscriptions to channels, but the difference in Patron is a standalone platform in the sense that any creator of the content of writers, musicians and podcast owners can generate additional revenue through it.

Patron plans to expand this year through several other services, such as the possibility of selling branded products to the creator of the content, and we expect this to be the reason for its acquisition of Kit last year.

"As we continue to grow, we are still on a mission to promote and support creators' subscriptions," the company said in an official statement. "We are building further improvements, features and mergers to help each content creator easily activate his subscription system so that he can Focus on what he really loves: creating content. "


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