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How to prepare for depression during independent work

How to prepare for depression during independent work

How to prepare for depression during independent work

There is much debate about the benefits of self-employment versus full-time employment, but over time the number of independents increases, and yet there are many negative aspects of working as independent as instability.

There are also signs that the lifestyle as an independent may soon become more difficult, according to an article in Forbes magazine warning of the stagnation of contracting work.

The report pointed out that the end of independent work will be sometime in 2020, citing the figures from CNBC:

"Most economists on Wall Street still believe that the recession will not happen until 2020 or later, but they are increasingly concerned about economic conditions and rising prices as the stock market wanes. But while banks and brokerage firms try to calm the market, the S & P 500 is poised for the worst annual performance since 2009. "

As budgets narrow, the decision to reduce costs by eliminating independent staff is the best option for managers, as this option seems preferable to the separation of permanent staff.

So if you work as an independent, it may be time to take the necessary precautions for this period.

Get a permanent job
You may not be able to find a full-time job, or your life circumstances make free work the best choice, yet making that decision and getting out of the expected recession wave may be a good option right now.

If you are still hungry for free work, it can serve as a side job in addition to your full time full time job, and this will benefit you in diversifying your income sources at the same time.

Saving money
Full-time freelancers are familiar with budget planning tips, saving for lean times. In other words, if you are able to save you must start immediately to be prepared for the recession, and even if the recession does not occur you will have an extra amount of money.

You can also make an accurate review of your life, reduce your expenses whenever possible, and possibly pay off an old debt that weighs heavily on you.

Think about how to improve your business
You should always think about how to improve your business, and ask yourself how much you pay for what you get. Forbes writes:

There is half a lifetime for each experience and you should know if this is the time to make a difference. Should your business be properly organized from a financial perspective, or are you spending a lot of money on equipment, customer contact, marketing, or other categories?

You should ask yourself whether this is the right time to review whether your goals have been met, or whether you should add a second or third market to your business?

Do not push yourself too much, but at the same time try to cut back on spending on the services you can do without.

Communicate with customers
It may be difficult for you to communicate with the managers of the companies you work with as an independent, but inquiring about your performance at work and how to improve it is a natural part of the business.

Expand your network
This is also difficult, especially if you work from home, but do not feel satisfied just because there is enough work right now.

You should always have other things to do, such as connecting with others after a business is done and maintaining relationships, especially as the latter can make a big difference when you need to find more work.


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