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What is a government company?

What is a government company?

government company

A government company is a company wholly or partly owned by a national government. Sometimes the government's contact with the company is clear, but this is not always the case, and much depends on how the company is structured and why it was created from the ground up.

Companies tend to classify them in one of three ways: they are either wholly owned, partly owned or privately owned.

The property determines things such as the amount of the company's profits that the government can claim, as well as how much the government has when it comes to matters such as board leaders and internal rules and regulations.

Companies are often created with the idea of ​​owning them, partly by the government; in other cases, the government may control an already existing company and turn it into a wholly owned entity, often as a means of saving it from the crisis or as a way to exercise greater control over certain industries or sectors.

The basic idea in a government company
There are a number of reasons why governments want to participate in the trade sector, sometimes government-owned companies are created to simplify some national activities, or to provide more or less consistent support for certain industries.

The most direct way for a government to engage in something is often by establishing an agency or supervisory office, but this is not always practical - and may not always be useful.

Letting companies work in the private sector, but with supervision and impact from the top, often offers the greatest benefits when it comes to innovation, profitability, and success.

The structure is necessarily different depending on the company in question, but in most cases, the highest official in the country appoints at least some directors who are members of the boards of companies.

If the national government defines the purposes, powers and obligations of government institutions, they will usually determine the companies that were established.

Property Models
A government company is usually classified as wholly owned, mixed or private, depending largely on how it is organized.

Fully owned companies will generally produce 100% of the government's capital. In addition, the Company will retain or control 100 per cent of the votes on each company's board of directors.

Mixed property companies are those in which the government owns some shares in the company, but some are also left to other investors.

The Charter typically provides that the President, the Prime Minister - or any other leader - shall appoint at least a small part of the managers, which is often associated with the percentage of the shares owned.

Private companies are often in special circumstances. In these cases, the government usually does not retain any ownership rights, but often has the power of influence when it comes to things like board selection and dividend distribution.

Companies in this category often serve important government services.

Government Company - USPO

Organizations designed for government participation
Some government companies that are easy to understand and conceptualize are designed with government involvement in mind, usually as a means of providing some services to the public.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for example, is one of the largest and most famous companies owned by the Canadian government.

The company operates as an independent company with the freedom to determine which programs it will provide, and which individuals are employed, but receives the majority of its funding from the National Treasury.

The United States also has many examples. The United States Postal Service (USPS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are all government companies in one form or another.

USPS and FDIC are wholly owned by the government, but also have the highest level of political independence.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is similar, but does not enjoy the same political independence as the previous two companies.

Companies resulting from the acquisition
Sometimes, the government takes over companies that have started as private companies, which could later be turned into a government company.

US bailouts after the recession in 2008 are a good example of this. The government's funding procedure meant that companies, including Citigroup, American International Group, General Motors and Chrysler, were backed up to fight bankruptcy.

The US government considered these companies vital to the national economy and provided funding for a future share.

Of course, not all government companies or acquisitions are friendly and for the welfare of the people. There are some governments that take private companies to control customer information and data, and to control markets immensely without real competitiveness.

7 Business Ideas from Home Fit Teenagers

7 Business Ideas from Home Fit Teenagers

7 Business Ideas from Home Fit Teenagers

The nature of the teenager makes other people take care of him, but that does not mean that the teenager should not be looking for a job, or even looking for home-based business ideas that suit teens and try to make some money.

The adoption of the adolescent himself helps him to face the labor market in later stages of his life, and even better to start his own work.

But the fact that the teenager is still young does not mean that the project he will do is not subject to business standards, such as preparing the budget or various accounts.

Anyway, in this article we will highlight seven home business ideas that suit teens.

1. Etsy for teenagers and talented artists
For teenagers who have artistic or creative talent, they can make money using the famous Etsy site, where there are many opportunities between making accessories, jewelry, and even paintings.

Using the Etsy website, talented teenagers can showcase and sell their creative products, and the site gets a percentage against the payment management.

But making profits from Etsy is not just about showing products for sale, but a teenager should look for a cheap source of raw materials, develop a pricing policy that suits his time, effort and product he sells, just one idea of ​​home-based business for teenagers.

2. Selling used tools online
One of the best ways to motivate teenagers to clean and arrange their rooms is to have money for this effort, by selling tools used on sites such as ULEX, DUBEZEL and others.

Because many teenagers buy products from well-known brands, the sale of these products after use can make some money for them.

Through this process, a teenager can identify the products that are sold so he can buy them later at cheap prices and then resell them on ad sites at higher prices to make gains.

3. Assistant to social networks
If there is an area of ​​work suitable for adolescents it is without doubt social networks, specifically the social networking assistant, which is considered within the ideas of work from home suitable for adolescents.

Home-based business ideas for teens - social networks

The majority of companies today have channels on social networking sites and are interested in spreading among the groups on these sites, and because teenagers are active on social networks it will be easy for them to help these companies to manage their social channels.

But there are some things that any teenager should know first, that dealing with the public on social networks must be professional and highly polite, the company's account is not like personal account.

4. Teacher
Many students need extra help at school, and older teens can easily help, especially since children usually hear the closest teens, and teens have already learned the same subjects.

So adolescents can help other children improve their learning easily.

5. Domestic help
As the pace of life in the 21st century accelerates, many families need extra help, and at the same time it does not cost much to help with some tasks within the home.

Here comes the role of teenagers who can perform many household functions for other families, such as cutting lawn grass, painting room, or organizing anything else inside the house.

6. Care for children
Babysitters may not look like home-based business ideas for teenagers, but they are. Young babysitting is self-evident for teenagers and already occurs within the same family, where parents leave young children with their older siblings.

But teenagers can do the same job and make money at the same time, taking care of the children of other families.

7. Care for animals
Among home-based business ideas for teenagers, there is also care for animals, as life may make the home owner travel because of work and leave his pet, in which case he may need someone to sit back.

For teenagers it is self-evident, and often enjoyable.

In the end you can say that this is just a simple set of home business ideas, and there are many ideas that you can think of.


How to achieve financial independence without early retirement

How to achieve financial independence without early retirement

How to achieve financial independence without early retirement

We all want to achieve financial independence but first you must know that the term "physical independence" is not the end or the ultimate goal, it is a financial concept that can help improve savings, reduce spending and create a financial safety net.

Financial independence is often associated with FIRE, which means financial independence and early retirement.

In this movement, participants save and invest in order to leave their jobs before the traditional retirement period.

But what if you do not want to quit? Well, you can still learn some good financial habits and achieve financial independence without retirement.

More specifically, achieving physical independence can protect individuals from unexpected layoffs, or give them the option of reducing working time and increasing family care time, among many other benefits.

How to achieve financial independence
"It's not necessarily about early retirement," said Sean Okumura, a certified financial planner and director of Transitions Wealth, in a statement to the press. "It's about financial options."

For example, to talk to Ocomura, financial independence can give its owners a chance to get rid of a high-paying, cumbersome job or to engage in counseling rather than full-time employment.

Base 25 times
Some analysts point out that financial freedom or physical autonomy occurs when the individual achieves a 25-fold rule.

A person's savings reach 25 times his annual spending, for example if you spend $ 50,000 a year, you will need $ 1.5 million in your retirement account to be financially independent.

The lower your annual expenses, the lower the amount you must reach until you achieve financial independence.

For other people, it is not a specific money figure. Roger Ma, a certified financial planner and founder of Lifeaidout in New York, said in a statement: "The goal should be to match your time and money with what you love and appreciate." This does not necessarily mean you need to assemble 25 times your annual spending to do what you want. "

Keep spending in mind
One way to approach financial independence is to improve your spending habits, where you can focus on spending money on things of value.

Achieving financial independence - spending
For some, access to financial independence may require sufficient funds to spend on what is important to them - such as travel, lessons, or exercises - with no spending on things that do not bring happiness, such as buying a car or mortgage.

Always think when you spend on this question, "Does this thing add value to me?"

If you're thinking of cutting back on spending to reach a level of financial independence, you have to track your spending to see which things are worth spending and which do not.

Before you make a permanent decision about your financial life you should first consider whether that amount of money will suffice you monthly, and perhaps even try to live that much money for six months to see if you can live with it or not.

Be flexible
To achieve financial independence you have to be flexible in your material transactions, where many experts point out that financial freedom must be a moving goal.

Changes in taxes, stock market, or unexpected illnesses may force you to change your financial plan, so be flexible.

Also keep in mind that physical independence may change for you as you age, which is fine.

The good thing that you can draw from these lines is that saving, investing and reducing objects of expenditure at an early time of your life can have a strong impact on your financial health in the future.


Tips on Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Tips on Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Tips on Real Estate Investing for Beginners

When you invest in real estate, the simplest advice from real estate investing tips is to spend some money today, then let this money work for us to make future profits.

The return or profit from this investment must be sufficient to cover the risks borne by the investor, the taxes he pays, and the costs of owning a real estate investment in general.

Conceptually, real estate investing can be very simple when you understand the fundamentals of investment, economy and risk.

To achieve this return or profit, you can buy real estate and avoid factors such as bankruptcy, then start generating rent until you can buy more properties later.

In order not to get it wrong, the simplicity of real estate investing does not mean its ease.

If you make a mistake, the consequences can range from minor problems to major financial disasters. You may find yourself bankrupt or even worse.

For these reasons - and other reasons - we decided in this report to develop tips in real estate investing for new beginners.

4 Ways To Make Money From Real Estate Investing
When investing in real estate, there are some ways that you can use it to make money:

Real Estate Appraisal
This happens when the value of the property in which your money is invested increases due to a general change in the real estate market.
This may happen, for example, because of the scarcity of land in the area where you own your property, the construction of a shopping mall next to it, or other things.
Real estate appreciation is a difficult game, with a higher risk ratio even higher than investment in cash flow income.
Cash flow income
This type of real estate investment focuses on buying and managing real estate such as an apartment building so that you can generate a cash flow from rent for a fixed time.
Cash flow income can also be realized from commercial properties such as car wash, administrative buildings, or rental houses.
Income sources related to real estate
This type of income is achieved by experts in the real estate market, such as real estate brokers who earn money from real estate buying and selling commissions, or property management companies that get a percentage of the rent in return for managing the whole process.
For example, hotel management companies, for example, can get 5% of the hotel's sales for operational care, such as hiring maids, running the front office, pruning the gardens, and other day-to-day operations.
Additional income for real estate investment
For some types of real estate investing this can be a huge source of profit.
For example, a vending machine for drinks and snacks can be set up in administrative buildings, or laundry facilities can be set up next to rental apartments.
Even these simple sources of income can be considered as small projects within real estate investment.

Tips in real estate investing and buying real estate
There are several ways to buy your first real estate investment. For example, you can take advantage of large capital and distribute it to several different types of properties.

Or you can borrow some money to buy the property, then repay the loan installments through the monthly income of the property.

As we mentioned in more than one previous property report, you should never buy the property in your personal name.

For reasons of risk management, consider establishing a legal entity such as LLCs to purchase real estate on their behalf. Before you take any step, advise you to consult a lawyer.


Financial lessons can be learned from the millennium generation

Financial lessons can be learned from the millennium generation

Financial lessons can be learned from the millennium generation

There are a lot of misconceptions about the millennium generation. Some believe that no financial lessons can be learned from them. Even if you search Google for the words "Millennium Generation" and "Money" you will find dark charts such as:

Sixty-six per cent of the millennium generation has no savings for retirement. (CNN)

The Millennial generation is more vulnerable to loss of money than to the generation of their forefathers. (USAToday)

But this is not always the case. In a new report from the Bank of America, births between 1981 and 1997 found their physical condition similar or almost better than older generations, especially when it comes to money management and career paths.

Sixty-three per cent of the Millennium Generation have savings, 59 per cent feel secure, and 73 per cent have a monthly budget.

The Millennial generation knows their rights to work more than previous generations, and 80 percent of them have asked for salary increases over the past two years and got them.

Disclaimer: These numbers come from the United States of America.

In addition to these figures there is some other information to highlight, a large proportion of the millennium generation have a private home compared to previous generations.

But some women in the millennium generation feel discriminated against in corporate finance than men.

Other details, such as rising house prices and lower average salaries or purchasing power of the currency in this generation as a whole, can be measured in the Middle East.

Without a doubt, every generation has some successful and failed stories, but it seems that the millennial generation started taking on responsibility early, the report said.

But what do the successful generation of the millennium generation do and what the majority of people do?

Technology is the solution
"They automate all operations, savings, investment, credit card payments, etc.," says Peter Faust, wealth adviser at Tanglewood Total Wealth Management, a wealth management company in Houston.

"Those who do a good job do not need to think about it much, technology helps them do it automatically," he said.

Applications deployed on smartphones, such as Mint or Wally, completely changed the game and made those people connected with their budget and savings in a way they had never seen before.

Top 7 Budget Management Applications in 2018

"You can just look at your phone and connect to your wallet in a few seconds," says Suffervord, a marketing and e-commerce expert.

"You can invest any surplus in repaying loans or debts, or you can track the prices of products you consume like coffee. In other words, you are more connected to your money than ever. "

In other words, communication with technology gives us financial lessons in facilitating the handling and management of money in day-to-day transactions.

The older the more mature
"If you were born in 1982 and not 92, you'll be more comfortable with your finances," says Ariane Vogdani, a strategic investment strategist at MV Financial. "You will not go out every night to spend money."

According to a report by the NPD Group, the younger generation of the millennium generation feel more optimistic about the economy in general.

So they spend more money on ready-made foods, in clothing stores, and make-up - for women - than for the older generation.

At the same time, the older generation spends more money when it comes to child-related purchases.

We conclude from this the emergence of a more responsible sense of responsibility in savings and investment behavior between the older millennium generation.

"There is no doubt that generations who deal better with money have reached a point where they focus on buying homes and raising families," Faust said.

New generations can benefit from these lessons and financial lessons.

They listen to their parents and mothers
"There is no secret or genius behind this," says Vogdani. "They did not break a symbol of the market, they did things their parents did before, like saving 10 percent of their income ... Their lifestyle is not far from their potential, Of emergency. Some techniques have changed, but the game is still the same. "

Some young people of the millennium generation may be better at managing their money than even their parents.


How to prepare for depression during independent work

How to prepare for depression during independent work

How to prepare for depression during independent work

There is much debate about the benefits of self-employment versus full-time employment, but over time the number of independents increases, and yet there are many negative aspects of working as independent as instability.

There are also signs that the lifestyle as an independent may soon become more difficult, according to an article in Forbes magazine warning of the stagnation of contracting work.

The report pointed out that the end of independent work will be sometime in 2020, citing the figures from CNBC:

"Most economists on Wall Street still believe that the recession will not happen until 2020 or later, but they are increasingly concerned about economic conditions and rising prices as the stock market wanes. But while banks and brokerage firms try to calm the market, the S & P 500 is poised for the worst annual performance since 2009. "

As budgets narrow, the decision to reduce costs by eliminating independent staff is the best option for managers, as this option seems preferable to the separation of permanent staff.

So if you work as an independent, it may be time to take the necessary precautions for this period.

Get a permanent job
You may not be able to find a full-time job, or your life circumstances make free work the best choice, yet making that decision and getting out of the expected recession wave may be a good option right now.

If you are still hungry for free work, it can serve as a side job in addition to your full time full time job, and this will benefit you in diversifying your income sources at the same time.

Saving money
Full-time freelancers are familiar with budget planning tips, saving for lean times. In other words, if you are able to save you must start immediately to be prepared for the recession, and even if the recession does not occur you will have an extra amount of money.

You can also make an accurate review of your life, reduce your expenses whenever possible, and possibly pay off an old debt that weighs heavily on you.

Think about how to improve your business
You should always think about how to improve your business, and ask yourself how much you pay for what you get. Forbes writes:

There is half a lifetime for each experience and you should know if this is the time to make a difference. Should your business be properly organized from a financial perspective, or are you spending a lot of money on equipment, customer contact, marketing, or other categories?

You should ask yourself whether this is the right time to review whether your goals have been met, or whether you should add a second or third market to your business?

Do not push yourself too much, but at the same time try to cut back on spending on the services you can do without.

Communicate with customers
It may be difficult for you to communicate with the managers of the companies you work with as an independent, but inquiring about your performance at work and how to improve it is a natural part of the business.

Expand your network
This is also difficult, especially if you work from home, but do not feel satisfied just because there is enough work right now.

You should always have other things to do, such as connecting with others after a business is done and maintaining relationships, especially as the latter can make a big difference when you need to find more work.


5 reasons why you start a business despite the failure of most of them

5 reasons why you start a business despite the failure of most of them

5 reasons why you start a business despite the failure of most of them

In a new study, researchers found that 75 per cent of new businesses fail in the end. Most of this failure occurs during the first year of the project, but in this report we will show you five reasons why you should start a business despite this major failure.

No one likes failure, but there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the failure of startups.

However, when we talk about the failure of an emerging project, the cost of failure can be very high, between the financial costs that will never return, the long working hours, and the missed opportunity for another idea that may be more successful.

Taking into account these costs, why would someone cost himself the creation of an emerging company or project in the first article? Believe it or not, there is a lot of value in starting a business or start-up business, even if the idea fails.

Five reasons to start a new business
1. You will learn to fail better
"Failing better", "Failing too fast", "Failing too much". No doubt you heard or read one of these expressions online, even Facebook's controversial slogan, which lasted for years, was "Move fast and break things."

In any society, the focus may be on the concept of winning, and when the only thing worth is wild success, anything else loses its value in comparison to that success. But this kind of success is rare in fact, and it leads to playing safely.

Where do the original ideas come from? Pretty much they come from people willing to try and jump and believe in the idea. But this comes with a danger, namely the risk of falling on the face. In other words, the greater the risk, the greater the potential reward.

There is also another thing to keep in mind: Failure better, faster, and more frequently, may address your fear of failure to a large extent. This makes you free to move towards your goals more easily.

2. You can learn how to succeed
There is an alleged story about the famous inventor Thomas Edison when he revealed to one of his new acquaintances that he had tried 10,000 attempts to invent the light bulb without succeeding, and then this new friend replied "10,000 times failed?" Edison replied, "No, absolutely." I have successfully found 10,000 ways to build an electric lamp that does not work. "

Whether it's a real story or not, there's a lot of wisdom here. There is real value in determining the negative features of your goal, that is, it is important to know what does not work if you want to know what works.

In this case, there is no substitute for experience. By preparing for failure, you will learn the lessons you need to make your current idea (or idea) more successful, and therefore one of the reasons why you start a new business.

3. You can ride the waves of new markets
Business Hub is a time-honored strategy that helps companies respond to changing trends and realities in the marketplace. However, to take advantage of a good time business hub you must first have a real business, not just a single dream that keeps it in your head. This is why you start a business.

5 reasons to get you started a business although most failed 1
The business axes include changing operating processes, and systems as soon as possible to ride the market wave or the need generated by the user newly. However, successful business hubs need some momentum to help support the company during the new change.

So even if your first idea does not work, you can still guide your company towards a more profitable path or strategy, as long as you keep your business smart and responsive to market changes.

4. Learn who is the entrepreneur (leader) quickly and clearly
You can not get a lot of front gate boundaries just, to find out the truth about entrepreneurship you need to break through the start gate and start already running the project wheel.

Some lessons and ideas can be learned only through actual practice and experience only. Are you a leader away from work with your hands? Or do you work better when you are more deeply involved in your company's daily work? Where do your leadership talents lie? What kind of companies would you like to build?

There is no way to know the answers to these questions - and many more - only to take a deep breath and indulge in action.

5. May succeed!
While the vast majority of startups can fail, only a good number of them actually succeed. So that some continue to dominate the market, your emerging project can be one of them!

You will not know the result if you never try.


What are the management skills?

What are the management skills?

To keep pace with the constantly changing workplace, management professionals are given a wide range of responsibilities that require specialized management skills. For example, they can specialize in professions such as legal, medical, educational, government or technological fields.

So you find that any administrative skills needed by the specialist in the performance of his duties vary according to different industries, as well as by different geographical locations.

The most important administrative skills for the management staff
Although they are not always required, many managers must have a degree in business, management, office systems technology, or related programs.

In addition, it may be useful to have the experience or education of a career management professional, for example; when an administrator works in a legal environment that may benefit from having legal management skills.

Science and Computer
When an administrative employee is employed in a technical industry, he may benefit from having additional math, science or computer skills. Most government jobs require completion of the civil service or recruitment program.

Continuing education, workshops and participation in professional organizations are also other ways of developing staff knowledge and managerial skills.

Although duties vary from one field to another or from one company to another, most office staff share a range of capabilities.

Managerial skills

One of the most important managerial skills that a staff member must have is organizational skills, so that he is capable of multitasking and managing time as best he can.

Especially since the administrative employee deals with many multi-task responsibilities, which usually have a specific deadline.

In addition, office workers - such as administrative assistants - must have exceptional communication skills, whether written or verbal.

The office staff is responsible for answering all calls, checking emails and voicemail, and sending them to the relevant parties within the company.

Writing and research skills are also important administrative skills to deal with correspondence written inside and outside the office.

Computer Skills
The office staff at the company must have sufficient knowledge of work programs such as the Microsoft Office software package, as well as having strong writing skills on the keyboard quickly and accurately.

He should also be aware of technical changes in various software systems, such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and records management.


Marketing audit

Marketing audit

Marketing audit

What is a Marketing Review?

To ensure the performance of the marketing plan As expected, business activities often conduct marketing audits. This process usually consists of a review of all marketing tactics and their results.

These results often include consumer response to promotion or event, cost, sales review, and other activities that stem from each tactic.

Usually, come review and update the annual marketing plan after the promotional study.

Marketing audit
All marketing tactics are reviewed to determine whether the tactic has helped grow and increase business. One important factor in this analysis is determining whether the sales generated by each ad campaign are equal to their costs.

In general, the cost of each CPL and CPS can help determine that.

Cost per lead
The cost of each potential customer is the total cost of the tactic, divided by the number of responses or queries generated by the promotion or marketing campaign on its own.

When the total promotional cost is divided by the number of completed sales, the result is the cost per sale.

For example, if a company spends US $ 10,000 on a direct mail package and generates sales of US $ 5,000, the sales cost in this case is US $ 2.

The company must also dip its place in the market, compared to its competitors, and how the current economic and social factors can affect its business.

As a result, marketing audit generally includes a study of current external and internal factors.

These factors include a study of competitor products, pricing, brand awareness, the local and national economic situation, and internal business processes.

Companies can use one or several different methods to study these factors. Common marketing audit reports include SWOT analysis, five-force analysis, and a PES study.

Marketing audit

Use SWOT to check
Using SWOT, the company lists its advantages and disadvantages, compared to its competitors or companies that produce similar products.

SWOT also includes verification of all market conditions that can help or hurt the company's chances of success. These include economic factors as well as any challenges the competitor may bring to the market.

The Company also reviews its internal processes and procedures.

Five Force Analysis
The five force analysis is a similar marketing review study of the SWOT analysis to a large extent, and in general this coordination is used to review an individual product, rather than an entire marketing plan.

Using this approach, the marketing team reviews a similar subject covered by a SWOT analysis, combining these results into five groups.

These categories are categorized as: buyers' strength, entry threat, competitive competition, supplier strength, and threat of alternatives.

PEST is another alternative to marketing audits. It is worth noting that some marketers change the order of characters in PEST and call this study STEP.

The PEST or STEP marketing review usually focuses on factors that are mainly out of the company's internal controls.

Topics include political climate, economic health, social outlook, and technology that can be used to deliver the product.


The most important skills of administrative assistant

The most important skills of administrative assistant

The most important skills of administrative assistant

Although administrative functions can cover a wide range of responsibilities, there are some of the most important basic administrative assistant skills that any candidate must ensure is highlighted in CVs and in job interviews.

Working in management is an excellent way to break into virtually any field. By carefully examining the work environment, an aspiring employee in a low job ladder can absorb internal information about the area and how it works.

One of the most basic skills to possess in the modern business world is computer literacy, it is difficult to find any company in any field that conducts most of its operations outside the computer network.

In addition to basic printing capabilities, administrative assistants must learn how to be comfortable with all common operating systems, understand the basics of most word processing programs, edit basic graphics, and have an excellent knowledge of the Internet.

Although some companies may focus on using a computer program, digital literacy will show that the candidate has the ability to learn new programs easily. Digital literacy is one of the most important skills of a successful administrative assistant.

The most important skills of administrative assistant
Often the job of an administrative assistant depends on what the manager or senior officer needs that day.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes translate into small staff stumbling with work problems experienced by senior staff.

The patience and ability to perform multiple tasks are very important skills that must be possessed, although the helper should never accept abuse in the workplace.

It is extremely important that you have a thorough understanding of the rights and requirements of any job, to avoid any confusion.

There is another set of the most important administrative assistant skills required in many functions, such as familiarity with common office equipment.

Scanners, fax machines, copiers, and multi-line phones are a natural part of the office landscape.

While the new assistant is not expected to know how each machine model works, the basic knowledge of how these tools work can ease the training process and give employers confidence in the new employee's ability to learn quickly.

In order to acquire these skills, individuals should consider visiting a local printer store or scanners and asking for a basic explanation of how machines work.

Working as an administrative assistant can be fun or boring, depending on the workplace, co-workers, and personal attitude.

A helper's job may not be what the employee dreams of, but smart employees treat the job with respect and a great opportunity to learn.

Positive behavior is also likely to help employees get faster upgrades and better jobs.


Order products

Order products

Order products

What is product order?
Merchandising product concept refers to the techniques used to sell products to consumers. The person or company that works in this area buys a product from the manufacturer, then sells it to buyers.

There are many techniques that a trader may use to persuade buyers to buy products he sells, usually exceeding these techniques just putting the products on the shelf and hoping to be sold.

Define the order of Merchandising products
The simplest way to define a Merchandising product arrangement is to say that it is the way the product is sold. So that sellers develop a plan of how to sell it, since the time the product was produced.

Packaging, colors, and logos are part of this process. Then enter items such as stores to be displayed, where the product will be placed in store corridors, and how the retailer will promote the product.

Products must be clearly visible to consumers, if the store is expected to accept their purchase.

The product will also be marketed to a target audience, or people most likely to buy the goods and services being offered. This ensures that the right product is available in the right place, for the right people, and in a timely manner.

For example, it does not make sense to promote summer clothing in the winter, but it is very logical to promote it in the summer, or in autumn with discounts on it.

Order products in stores

Order of children's products
Child-targeted products are the best example of year-round marketing, where products for children such as sweets, mouth crackers, biscuits, or other products are placed on shelves low enough for the child to see and access.

Usually in brightly colored packages and sometimes with cartoon characters to attract children.

Game stores usually do not put a lot of games in the shelves above the ground, where you prefer to put everything in the shelves low so that children can access them.

It should be noted that the order of products is a more complex process than just knowing where to put the goods on the shelf inside the store, it requires a lot of planning.

For example, if a company orders a large quantity of a product, the product may become outdated or possibly spoil if it is corrupt, and this causes waste of money.

If the company orders a very small amount of a product, customers will go to other stores to buy it, wasting many potential sales.

So the seller must be familiar with the various statistics, good in mathematics, and have a precise eye for details to be successful in this area.


What are human resources

What are human resources?

What are human resources

"Human Resources" (HR) is a term used in business to refer to persons who work in a company or organization.

It is also used to refer to the management within the company responsible for managing these resources, such as hiring and training new employees, and overseeing the benefits and compensation packages offered to all employees of the company.

This term appeared in the United States during the 1960s, when labor relations became a major concern for US companies, and since then have spread throughout the world.

Department of Personnel Affairs or Department of Human Resources
The people who constitute the company's workforce - its human resources - are one of the assets of the company, such as its financial resources and its material resources such as buildings, machinery and other equipment.

A company is more likely to be successful if it manages all its resources well, including its employees.

For this reason, many companies have human resources departments, although these departments do not directly contribute to the company's production, services, sales or profits.

Instead, effective HR management encourages employees to do their best, which in turn contributes to the success of that company.

Existing staff
One of the key roles of HR is to manage existing employees. Unlike managers who directly supervise the day-to-day work of staff, human resources management deals with things such as incentives, wages, company policies, and training.

Among the incentives and privileges that may be assumed by the Human Resources Section are insurance schemes, paid leave, sick leave and other health issues, retirement plans and staff investments.

Human resources management can also resolve conflicts between employees, employees and managers, as well as grievances against employees by employees.


new employees
Human resources also include the recruitment of new staff, where human resources personnel participate in the recruitment of potential employees through advertisements or in job fairs.

In some cases, HR will try to recruit certain types of people - or at least make sure certain types of people exist - to improve the diversity of the company's workforce.

For example, a company might be looking for candidates from a particular demographic group.

The Human Resources Division often compiles and reviews recruitment requests before sending the best applicants to the appropriate managers in the organization.

Recruitment may also include background checks and drug testing. Following the appointment of a new staff member, the Human Resources Section provides the necessary guidance, including its definition of company policies, and the proper training of the staff member on its function.

Departing staff
The HR department also plays a role when the employee leaves the company for any reason.

If the employee is dismissed or dismissed from acting against his / her wish, the Human Resources Department must perform certain tasks to ensure that the process is performed legally.

In some cases, end of service payments should be made or negotiated, and unpaid balances such as paid leave and other benefits must be settled.

The Human Resources Section may also need to collect all keys or other equipment from the employee and ensure that he or she can no longer access the company's resources, including computer networks.

improve spirit
Staff morale is another concern for many HR departments.

The HR department may be responsible for selecting a staff member, arranging holiday parties, and other meeting places between employees, or rewarding employees for their good performance.

The HR department is often interested in creating a positive and enjoyable work environment, as this can improve employee productivity and contribute to reducing the turnover rate of the company's workforce.


Who is the Administrative Assistant in Marketing?

Administrative Assistant in Marketing

Who is the Administrative Assistant in Marketing?

Who is the Administrative Assistant in Marketing?
The Administrative Assistant in Marketing works in the sales or marketing department of the company and has a variety of daily tasks.

Many positions in this field require a combination of managerial abilities and sales knowledge. Many sales and marketing professionals start their careers as administrative assistants, as the job can provide valuable experience and insight into marketing.

A marketing assistant is often knowledgeable about computer skills and organization. Some of his assignments may include sending company or customer bulletins, providing promotional information to potential clients, and helping to create a sales letter.

Efficiency in dealing with spreadsheet programs, and word processing is often a requirement of an administrative assistant in marketing.

Any administrative assistant in this field should be comfortable with all practical and creative aspects of the marketing or sales department.

The daily responsibilities of the marketing assistant may change constantly, depending on the needs of the company.

One of the most common tasks of this position is to create, schedule meetings and conferences for the industry, research, and client interaction.

Assistants with talent or experience in sales and marketing can contribute to the company's promotional work, create publications, sales packages, and promotional materials to be sent to customers.

Also, many sales professionals rely heavily on assistants to help perform tasks, and may require them to manage the department when supervisors travel or are unavailable.

Education of Administrative Assistant in Marketing
Educational requirements and work experience may differ from one position to another. Some companies require a certain degree and a background in sales or marketing.

While others may request at least a secondary certificate as well as proof of previous experience in the form of recommendations from former Presidents.

The job may also require some flexibility in the site or lifestyle, as many positions require frequent travel or mobility between the company's branches.

Marketing assistants often outperform complex scheduling and multitasking, as much of the work involves coordinating interactions between customers and employees.

Administrative Assistant in Marketing

In companies that have a large customer base, the marketing assistant with great memory can be very useful, as he or she may need to remember the customer's history and details at any moment.

In addition, because sales often depend on a good relationship between the company and the client, personalization can sometimes be a huge factor in successful recruitment.

In order to maintain good relations with customers, the administrative assistant must be able to maintain calm in tense situations, and provide excellent, friendly service.

The position of marketing assistant is to gain an internal knowledge of the field, and for those who plan to work in this area, getting a job in this position can help when applying for better-paying or more advanced jobs in marketing.

Even if the employer can not provide promotion opportunities, working closely with clients can give the ambitious assistant a great opportunity to create good relationships and give a positive impression to other companies.


Default Administrative Assistant

Default Administrative Assistant

Default Administrative Assistant

Who is the default administrative assistant?

An administrative assistant is someone who assists an administrator or an administrative team in the performance of their duties. The default administrative assistant is the person who performs these duties from a different location or from those who help them.

The Virtual Administrative Assistant is an example of telecommuting, a category of jobs that has grown with the advent and spread of the Internet and modern communication technologies.

The duties of the default administrative assistant can vary greatly. They may respond to calls, reply to e-mail messages, and can also create and distribute invoices, and handle shipping problems.

There may be a set of written duties to which they are responsible, such as writing and creating presentations.

In many cases, there is no direct encounter between the default administrative assistant and the employer, and it is not uncommon for the parties to be in two different states.

However, the default administrative assistant often performs his duties in an unclear manner so that any third party - another company he communicates with - will not realize that he is not at the workplace and not a real employee.

The role of the Internet as a virtual administrative assistant
The Internet generally plays a key role in this type of business, where both the Virtual Administrative Assistant and his employer use a variety of communication tools to keep in touch and share items.

If it is necessary for them to meet face-to-face, this is often achieved through video conferencing.

They can also exchange documents using e-mail attachments, and can even pay an e-mail for the virtual administrator for their services.

There are several reasons why a person or organization may choose to work with a default assistant, such as not having some expensive work details such as pension funds and health insurance.

Default Administrative Assistant

Remote employment also provides access to cheap labor markets, such as those in rural or foreign countries.

There are also cases where there is not enough work to hire a full-time employee, so the default administrative assistant is hired when needed.

Virtual administrators also find many benefits in this type of work. They have a great deal of flexibility, both in terms of hours of work or work site.

As a person who does not have a computer can work from an Internet cafe or in a female case, a mother can stay at home with her baby.

Because there is no office or official working hours, employers may be more interested in work done on a deadline than on productivity over a given period of time.

As for the virtual administrative assistant, teleworking increases the chance of increasing its income by providing services to many people or companies.


What is channel management?

Manage channels

What is channel management?

What is channel management?
Channel management is a term that refers to the way a company or supplier of products, using different marketing techniques and sales strategies to reach the largest possible customer base.

As channels are all different outlets through which the product is marketed and sold to customers. When done correctly, channel management stimulates these channels to sell the product and ultimately develops a better relationship between the customer and the product.

This is achieved by setting goals for each channel separately, and then implementing different marketing strategies to ensure that these goals are achieved while maintaining consistency with the overall brand image of the business.

Manage channels
The world of marketing has become more complex than in the past with the advent of technological developments over the past two decades, and no company can rely solely on good customer relationships or oral marketing to maintain or improve revenue.

The chances of marketing a product or service are growing every day, and tracking all these different marketing methods is not easy, so the concept of channel management has become very famous in marketing.

Manage channels

Ideally, channel management organizes all the possible ways a business can reach a customer, and although there is no one clear way to do this, the general idea is to improve marketing and the distribution process itself.

The communication between the business and the client is streamlined through this process, and a continuous relationship is established if it is properly conducted. The methods may vary, but this is the ultimate goal of the process.

Proper evaluation of each of the different sales channels is a key aspect of this process.

The business must define exactly what it wants from each channel and individual accounts within those channels, both in terms of customer access and retention, and each frame of these channels should clearly identify and be consistent.

Identifying the segment of the affected population from each channel can help identify the best products to display on those channels and how best to market those products.

Implement channel management effectively
If done effectively, channel management can help the company meet customer needs within each specific channel, and a direct communication with customers in each channel is critical.

Once this is achieved, the company will have a better idea of ​​the marketing strategy that suits its customer base, whether it is related to promotion, advertising through all media and directing it to the customer.

Although technologies may vary from channel to channel, overall strategy must consistently carry the brand in all sectors


Patreon surpasses 3 million users and forecasts total payments of $ 1 billion in 2019

Patreon surpasses 3 million users and forecasts
total payments of $ 1 billion in 2019

Patreon surpasses 3 million users

Patreon - which allows content providers on YouTube and other platforms to create paid subscriptions to viewers - has announced access to 3 million users.

3 million users on Patreon means that 3 million people pay monthly amounts to creators to support them and encourage them to continue to produce content independently, away from the restrictions of Google ads or other companies.

In this figure, the growth rate of users is 50 per cent, with the number of users in the past year being 2 million.

Patreon reaches $ 1 billion soon
Patreon was founded by musician Jack Conte, who posted his YouTube section and was looking for an easy way to receive contributions and support fans for his online content.

After partnering with Sam Sam, they founded Patreon in 2013.

Conte says of Patron that he is "like a starter for people who publish content on a regular basis" and that the platform receives 5 per cent of each transaction, plus processing and payment fees.

The idea of ​​monthly subscription
What started as an idea for Conte to make money for himself instead of YouTube ads, is now a big project independent of his idea, and has received investments of more than $ 105 million, since its inception.

In addition to exceeding three million users, Patreon said it expects to exceed $ 1 billion in payments in 2019, a huge increase since May, when the company announced it would pay $ 350 million to content creators.

In simple terms, the company's access to one billion dollars of payments and the receipt of 5 per cent of each process, means achieving an income of up to 50 million dollars.

On the other hand, many of the content sharing platforms (Qtelube) offer paid subscriptions to channels, but the difference in Patron is a standalone platform in the sense that any creator of the content of writers, musicians and podcast owners can generate additional revenue through it.

Patron plans to expand this year through several other services, such as the possibility of selling branded products to the creator of the content, and we expect this to be the reason for its acquisition of Kit last year.

"As we continue to grow, we are still on a mission to promote and support creators' subscriptions," the company said in an official statement. "We are building further improvements, features and mergers to help each content creator easily activate his subscription system so that he can Focus on what he really loves: creating content. "


Who is the administrative assistant and what are his duties?

Who is the administrative assistant 
and what are his duties?

Who is the administrative assistant

The Administrative Assistant has many meals by the secretary, including writing, filing files, answering phone calls and recording notes during meetings. In addition, the Administrative Assistant oversees logistics in the office, cooperates with supervisors of important projects and supervises the secretariat.

Although the Assistant Administrative Assistant requires little prior education, executive assistants or those working in specialized areas may need additional training.

The duties of the administrative assistant often go beyond the secretarial functions, and include dealing with logistics matters for the office, such as ordering equipment, mail and papers that go inside and outside the facility, and coordinate schedules between people.

In many cases, the administrative assistant is a source of information with the public and as such he sometimes acts on behalf of the company. Some senior assistants also supervise initial assistants or secretaries, in which case the administrative assistant may need periodic reports or performances.

Skills group
People working in this position must be good at detail and able to handle many tasks at the same time, because they are often responsible for multiple tables and perhaps supervise the running of a number of projects at the same time.

The administrative assistant should also be good with people, because work requires a lot of interaction with people in the office as well as clients.

Skills of Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is able to make critical decisions and to work independently is an important part of the job as well. The administrative assistant is the person responsible for identifying the important documents of the documents to be disposed of, the e-mail messages that can be dealt with at the office level, You need to transfer to senior management.

On top of all this, an administrative assistant must be good at expression, good writing and good at using technology, where they are often asked to reply to emails, check documents and work with databases.

Terms of reference
An administrative assistant can specialize in a specific department within an establishment, such as human resources or information technology, although this is more common within large enterprises.

Executives work only with the senior management of the company, they can be responsible for a group of people, or work with only one. In either case, the administrative assistant is responsible for controlling access to executives, making travel arrangements and conferences, and interacting with Vendors, and executives from other companies and board members within administrative functions.

In addition, the administrative assistant can specialize in certain areas, such as medicine or law. In this case, some functions of this specialization are added to the administrative functions of the administrative assistant.

For example, a legal assistant can look into legal precedents and assist in settings of briefings, while a medical assistant usually needs to know the insurance bills or laboratory procedures.

In many cases, a person can start this job with a high school diploma or equivalent with some training in business and computer skills.

For specialized positions, such as in the medical, legal, real estate or financial office, he must know specific terms for this position. He must also have courses or courses in the same field of specialization, because management in these disciplines depends on the administrative assistant and considers him the hand Right.

Professional Administrative Assistant
The role of a professional administrative assistant is vital to the operation of many companies. Although a professional administrative assistant performs the same duties as any other administrative assistant, he usually has years of experience, often working with company executives, Or office manager.

Any administrative assistant needs the ability to work well with others, to have excellent organizational skills, and to be proficient in dealing with computers.

Some of the duties of the professional administrative assistant may include the management of communications between the company, its customers and its employees, whether these are mail, telephone, e-mail, or a modern means of communication such as Slack.

The Professional Administrative Assistant also performs tasks such as scheduling meetings, scheduling, carefully keeping records, assisting other staff, and making travel arrangements. It should be noted that most professional administrative assistants perform all these duties and more.

Some additional responsibilities may include hiring and training new staff, helping clients who come to the office, and maintaining office supplies.

This means taking inventory of office supplies and arranging what is required, as well as maintaining record keeping records.

A professional administrative assistant needs to be familiar with the office's technological equipment, be able to make minor repairs, or decide when to contact someone to repair a piece of equipment.

In addition, a professional administrative assistant needs to have the ability to work independently and make decisions. Such as determining which part of the information should be sent to the President, and what could be dealt with independently.

An administrative assistant who serves as the office manager will also need to ensure that the policies of the office are maintained, which may relate to issues such as dress codes. It is also important to ensure that you follow the chain of command, if the office is more formal.

It should be noted that some professional administrative assistants are trained to work in specific areas, such as the legal or medical field.

These areas generally require additional training to learn the specific terms and methodology of the environment in which they will work.

The salaries of assistants in these areas are often higher than standard office wages.


The experience of volunteering

The experience of volunteering

The experience of volunteering

The impact of volunteering on society

Volunteering has a big impact on the well-being of communities around the world. The community thrives on young volunteers who are interested in improving the place where they live and are committed to their home countries. Volunteers can make changes to their communities by influencing others, expressing their ideas, engaging in discussions and presenting their views on problems. Which occurred in advance or current events and inspire others to solve various problems.

Effect of volunteering on the individual

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some are motivated to support a cause or engage in society, or to help groups and individuals who really need it. Most people volunteer not for any personal benefit but to have a positive impact on what is around them. The person from the volunteer experience, such as:

- Building the community and improving social relations: This is done by improving the network of social relations of the volunteer with others while doing various volunteer work.

- Stay away from unity: Unity and isolation is one of the most serious epidemics in the world, but volunteering limits this problem by making everyone involved in doing different things.

- Formation of friendships: Volunteerism develops interpersonal relationships and provides the individual with the opportunity to meet new people, form friendships with them, or strengthen relationships with colleagues or even family members.

- Mental health and happiness in volunteers: Everyone knows that providing assistance to others without any charge makes the person happier, and these feelings prevent or alleviate many of the pain or internal conflicts of the person, where studies indicate that volunteerism benefits greatly, including improving the mental health of the person.

Volunteer work

Volunteer work is primarily based on the free human resources provided by volunteers. These volunteers help voluntary organizations and organizations achieve societal goals, and large voluntary organizations provide services at the community level, such as building affordable and affordable housing for families with income. The higher the number of volunteers, the greater the voluntary service offered. Local volunteer organizations play an important role in providing safe play areas, fundraising for music lessons for low-income children, renovating a playground, or distributing meals. Or the needy.

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