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YouTube fights misinformation

YouTube fights misinformation

YouTube fights misinformation

It is certain that YouTube suffers from the proliferation of videos that promote lies, false information, false news and even false conspiracy theories.

Now the US platform has decided to take an important step to get rid of this misinformation and talk about adding the fact box that will be shown when you look for controversial issues, rumors or counterfeit news.

Buzzfeed confirmed that this feature will eventually be available worldwide and is currently available to some users in India.

The feature will work on all devices and will not be limited to Android or iPhone, nor do you need to download the latest version of the YouTube app to get it available in your area.

YouTube said:

"As part of our ongoing effort to build a better news experience on YouTube, we're expanding our dashboards to bring fact-finding from qualified publishers to YouTube."

For example, when you search for a specific filter, virus or information that confirms that a particular substance or product causes cancer, it may be because the user has heard of a common rumor or lie. YouTube's duty is to warn users to believe false news and lies.

YouTube is said to be working on this feature with a number of third-party fact-finding auditors, which is currently in India.

The fact sheet will automatically expose false claims by withdrawing information from third party sites.

Videos with misleading information will still appear in search results, so fact boards are a bigger warning to let users know what they're going to get.

The site can not remove content that directly misinforms the information unless it also violates the Platform Community Guidelines.

Instead, YouTube will expose the wrong claims in the search results in an attempt to block the videos from being misinformed, but users can still go ahead and watch videos if they want to.


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