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Why should I contact companies by phone?

Why should I contact companies by phone?

Why should I contact companies by phone?

In your job search, connecting to a phone operator is a valuable tool, a very powerful and fast tool.

- Why call operators over the phone?

Because you need to find a job;
Because you use a direct communication method over speech or email;
Because the human relationship in the operation process is very important, do not rely exclusively on technology;
Because you are doing a more effective procedure that allows you to get a direct response to your candidacy for the position and can provide valuable information on how the organization operates.

- Best means of communication with institutions

Choose a quiet place where there is no source of discomfort;
Put in your hand means (note, pen, ..) to record the data you will transfer in the list of institutions you will contact;
Be sure to put your CV in front of your eyes, in case the interviewer asks you for any checks;
If you are ready, lift the speaker and connect: Speak in a friendly and bland manner, showing vitality.
Introduce yourself in a friendly manner and explain the subject of your call:
"Good morning, Madam or Sir, I introduce myself, my personal and family name, I am a graduate ... I would like to meet the person in charge of the operation"

If you connect with the person or department concerned, familiarize yourself with yourself in a clear and well-informed way.
If the person is absent and can not talk to you, ask for an appropriate time to call back and ask for the person's name: "Can you give me his name?"
Do not hesitate or show displeasure If you do not give the name of the person concerned, some organizations may want to not disclose the names of their employees at the first call.

- Rules that must be followed

Know yourself clearly, and ask to talk to the person in question, explain the subject of your connection and do not forget the words of thanks at every stage.
And finally if you can get the relevant person, ie the person who has the decision on the subject;
Know for yourself and show him the subject of your telephone call:
"I recently got my diploma in ... and I plan to become a ....., let me call you to make my candidacy.

"Do you have vacancies for ..., or do you have an interest in running a young collaborator ...;"

Prepare the phone interview tightly, know your contacts: Get the name of the person who will receive your nomination and email address, and remind you again.


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