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Ways to stay in the minds of customers and earn their loyalty to your brand

Ways to stay in the minds of customers and earn their loyalty to your brand

Consumers spent 600 billion euros during sales periods, and this year's shopping season, which is now going on until the end of the year, should be very profitable.

As a merchant or brand owner, it's important to stay in the minds of customers to get the money they spend during the sales season. In fact, most companies say brand awareness comes before sales.

In this article we will learn 6 ways to stay in the minds of customers and gain their loyalty to your brand.

- Gathering information about target customers
To prepare for promotional periods, your primary goal should be your customers and what they have purchased in the past. From this perspective, you will need to collect data about your target customers to learn how to deal with them accurately.

- Start analyzing your reports and analytics to see what customers bought last year, promotions that attracted their attention, and marketing initiatives that proved effective in previous seasons. If you run Shopify online, you can find this data in the Reports section of your Admin interface, If you're running an actual store, you can find this information in your POS system, or in your actual analytics records.

These reports are not stored in your eCommerce dashboard as a decoration, but are useful when you are preparing for a new marketing campaign or plan to take advantage of the season of demand for your products and services.

- Send personal emails
Now that all this important information has been gathered through research and analysis efforts, it is time to use this data in email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the perfect channel to stay in your customers' minds, allowing you to connect with users quickly and easily, and share information about promotional offers and updates to your brand.

Of course, your customers may already receive dozens of e-mails from dozens of other merchants, so it's up to you to differentiate your messages from others' messages, how? You'll need to customize these emails.

According to a recent survey, 43% of marketers confirmed that customization led to more conversions. In addition, according to Autopilot, a survey of 1,200 consumers showed that customers were likely to respond to messages 4 times if they received personal offers, 49% They expect messages to be linked to their interests.

So you should send relevant and attractive emails in a timely manner, subscribers should be split according to specific criteria (eg, demographic criteria, geographical location, date of purchase, etc.) and then write relevant messages per segment.

- Stay connected through social networks
One of the most effective ways to make sure you stay in the customer's mind is to stay active on social networks. These channels provide you with the ability to deploy valuable updates to your followers and customers every day.

In this regard, we emphasize the importance of Instagram and Pantherst, where they are used strongly to explore products and access the latest offers.

This is because they are platforms based on visual content, images and videos remain the best marketing methods for products, but text content plays a key role as the attached description helps to better display images in search engine results and motivates followers to make the right decision.

- Share high-resolution images and product images for sale in your store and increase the number of followers naturally, interact with users, and create Pentreast panels that will attract consumers.

- Provide comfort
All traders know that wrapping products in gift wraps is a painful task, but part of the sales season. But why not offer this service to customers? Better yet, consider offering personal packaging.

According to a study by Dotcom Distribution, 49% of online shoppers said that custom packaging adds more excitement when a package is unloaded.

44% said packaging enhances the value of the product being shipped. In other words, the first impressions change the game and your products will stand out from the competition elements if you offer customers a free personal packaging and gift wrapping service.

This is just a great example of what you can offer your customers, where you can offer after sales service for free, or install and prepare your product after you buy it.

If you are running an actual store as well as an e-commerce store, you should also consider implementing POS withdrawal options for online purchases. This is a multi-channel sales strategy that allows customers to place and receive orders at your actual point of sale.

- Provide added value
During sales periods, offering discounted products and bargains is not enough. Distinguish competitors by creating compelling educational content. You can create practical blog articles, media guides on the products you sell, or even useful videos.

You can broadcast your content through social networks, you can use these channels to promote your blog posts or gift directories, and even stay in the minds of customers through live video streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

- Give customers a reason why they prefer you to competitors, a reason that distinguishes them from them, and makes many people attracted to your services.

- Engage in your community
Holidays and generosity go hand in hand, this is the perfect opportunity to support society. The initiative has substantial benefits and helps to boost sales.


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