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Use of Hashtag in social networking sites

Use of Hashtag in social networking sites

Use of Hashtag in social networking sites

The use of Hashtag is very common in social networking sites. It is almost a day when the Internet is used to and you see many and many Hachtagat in many pages. The great use of this magic code # is not strange. Social Create the need for a means of linking all publications related to a particular subject, so imagine the sheer volume of content only see the following statistics:

347222 tweet is posted per minute on Twitter.
4166667 publications are rated on one page on Facebook
1736111 images are published per minute on Instagram.
You can also use the Hashtag for personal purposes and use it to publish your content or to promote a product, brand or service that you sell online through a set of tips that we will review together in the following article.

Tip 1: Make sure you use unique Hashtag
It is very important that the Hatchag you use in your campaign is unique and not used before, and your publications will be overlapped with other publications using the same Hatchtag, but how do you ensure that Hachtag is unique and unused? There are two ways. The first way is to search for the Hashtag that you want to use in social media and make sure it is not currently used. The second way is to use the following site, which allows you to search for a particular Hashtag and to make sure that the Hashtag is used.

Tip 2: Ensure the expression used with the Hashtag
The problem with the Hashtag that the term used is often short and Glick search for a word capable of delivering the target idea correctly, common mistakes in the use of Hashtag words and the expectation that the user will understand the meaning directly, I advise you to display the word used on a number of users and asked about The meaning they understood when reading the word and thus ensure the correct understanding of the idea that you want to publish via the Hashtag.

Tip 3: If the Hatchtag is in English, use uppercase letters
If you are using Hashtag in English, and the phrase you use with this Hashtag consists of a set of words, make each word start with a large letter, one look at this Hagtag enough to read it, or if you write all the words in small letters, it will not be easy The user must distinguish and read the statement at first sight.

Tip 4: Make the Hashtag as short as possible
Try to be as short as possible Hashtag so as not to affect the general meaning, short Ahhtagag easy to remember and do not take a lot of space, in addition to the user tends to click on the Hashtag short compared to the long Hashtag.

Tip 5: Use the Hatchtag with the brand properly
If you want to promote your brand using a specific hatchbag (a policy now followed by many large businesses), there should be a relationship between the user and the brand. For example, Red Bull, which produces energy drinks, has launched #PutACanOnit and It is a picture that users post and place a Red Bull box near the camera and shoot it as if it appears on top of another object. The campaign has achieved great success and wide spread and has received a lot of clicks, the reason for the uniqueness and the correct use of the brand.

Tip 6: Understand the way Hashtag works at each social networking site
Each means of social communication deals with the Hashtag in a different way and a different way, and sets different conditions on the Hashtag such as length and other things, for you and to ensure your realization of the use of this Hagtag I advise you to take a quick look at the criteria used by social media to use Hashtag .

Tip 7: Follow the Hashtag
After launching your Hashtag campaign, the next step is to track your Hashtag and monitor its expansion and spread so that you can evaluate your success and improve your campaign. There are many sites that you can use to track your Hashtag. Below are some sites you can use Tracking:
I hope the previous tips are clear,


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