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The art of dealing with the provocative personality

The art of dealing with the provocative personality

The art of dealing with the provocative personality

As we know that each action has a reaction, we must use the art of response. Most appropriate, most people when dealing with this personality is divided into two parts:

section 1: This character is met with a provocative manner, and responds to it in a stricter manner, in order to avoid harm caused to him because of this personality. This type of deal increases the quarrels, as well as increases the excitement and nervousness in front of him, and this is what this person seeks, And then you feel happy, and that he won the confrontation between you and his home.

Section 2: avoids this character, does not give him any consideration, and tries to get away from him, and this also feels the person who is provoked by victory. In both cases, your behavior was wrong, and the appropriate response techniques are irrelevant, because the person who was provoked in the first case realized that he had reached his will, he made you run, and in the second case he felt that you were harassed and influenced by the words he said. Danger. What should be followed? How do you deal with this character? Consider a person seriously without doing a job for him, showing his confidence in front of his eyes. Repeat the words, phrases, or insinuations he made, and then ask him my question, what do you mean by that? What is your intention? What do you have to say? And then you will not find the answer, and certainly will not find the answer, because the answer that will not utter it, it is just provocation, so you have avoided the bickering, nervousness that was going to happen, and have been completed to complete the project upset your mood, and stopped him alone, Feeling that you have not been affected and not fanaticism confirms his failure to provoke you, and we may increase this position well and positively, by advising this person that what he did not even permissible if provoked inadvertently, or was very motivating, because who wants to motivate someone to do so Appropriately, and away from people.


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