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Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns

Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns

Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns

Today we will be talking about the real results associated with spyware on Facebook campaigns and how they do not give us the value claimed by the owners of these tools.
There are many free sections that we will mention in this article that can give us the same results, but may give us better and much more recent results than those tools.
Spyware on Facebook ads
Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns:
We often hear about tools to spy on advertising campaigns on Facebook and the most famous ones:
Social ad Ninja

And the questions that revolve around it always especially by beginners in the CPA, are these tools really useful or not? , And whether the amounts paid for it are worth it or it is just absurd to subscribe to such tools. !! What is the solution to spy on Facebook campaigns at the lowest possible cost?

I will talk about my experience with these tools and how I moved to a more effective tool that costs me more than $ 11 a month and gives me much better results than current spyware tools.

How spyware works on Facebook campaigns:
Once an ad starts appearing and repeated multiple times on the same age and country-specific account, these tools pull it out and store it in its database, which means a period of time before you can figure out which ads are best for the current month. They are also non-targeted public ads as Facebook Profile is designed to capture public campaigns launched within target countries.
Yes, it is a fact, for example: when I passed the New Year and Christmas, I could not see the best campaigns at the right time, which led me to discover and research on this subject.

Today, these shows are showing more than two months ago, but what is the solution we can find to get rid of this delay?
This question was directed to network owners but unfortunately the answer was that there was no specific time to get rid of this problem.


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