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Self Development Skills

Self Development Skills

Self Development Skills

Self development is defined as the effort of the person and his quest to be better than he is; by improving his abilities, abilities and qualifications, by knowing and developing strengths in his character and development. This includes developing mental abilities, interpersonal skills and improving self-control, feelings and reactions , And imparting many skills and positive attitudes. The development of the self is of great importance to the individual or to the society, and its importance varies from one person to another in the degree or level, and the more the person develops for himself the more his position in society becomes better. Develop self-confidence first as an input to self-development.

Self-development and personality building need several skills, namely: setting goals and seeking to accomplish them: this needs to develop an appropriate plan and start implementation; to reach the end painted. Prioritizing: The objectives vary in importance. There is the important and the most important, so the individual has to live in the circle of important things, and implement them leaving the non-important activities, and this will achieve its objectives in less time and with higher efficiency. Learning is for work, not just for learning: Learning itself is very important, but it becomes useless and burdensome if a person does not work, so the individual has to use what he learns to serve himself and his community. Improving thinking: Good thinking is what distinguishes a person from another, a skill that needs training, and the necessity of the needs of the development of the individual and development, and one can overcome its problems and improve its conditions. Planting self-optimism: Positive is important for development, and positive energy distancing oneself from the sense of frustration and defeat, which increases the effectiveness of the individual and achievement, and promotes the spirit of initiative within. Evolution and success start from the inside of the individual; therefore, he must trust his abilities, and enhance his self-confidence and potential, and this makes him mastered his work and succeed in his life. Listening to others, and minimizing speech as possible; because good listening increases the chance of learning and gaining experience from others. Improve relationships with others, respect them, take them into account, and address them, while reducing their positive expectations, which increases the chances of benefiting from them. Balance in various aspects of life. The complexities of life and the inflated requirements may sometimes cause tension and frustration, so the individual must balance his relationships, work and all aspects of his life to suit his personality. Concentration of efforts on the part of the personality finds the individual himself, so that does not give his time for everything and then come out with nothing, and continue to develop this aspect, which increases the chances of development and achieve the goal.


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