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Marketing Commission: The future of advertising on Instagram

Marketing Commission: The future of advertising on Instagram

The future of advertising on Instagram

Advertising on social media is one of the most important sources of traffic nowadays. This is because of the great popularity of these sites, as well as the great accuracy in targeting, because the user's information and interests are well known to the user, and this is what makes it the source of Trafic Which is preferred for workers in the field of commission marketing, is for them an unbeatable source of profit and golden eggs.
There is no doubt that Facebook is the most social communication network in terms of advertising, ranked first in terms of customer demand for advertising, and second place is the rest of the social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Entangram and others, but the presence of these devices in second place Does not diminish its importance, as many customers take advantage of the best exploitation and make great profits from them.

Today's article speaks about the advertisement on the network Entgram, the reason for this particular network is my recent observation of the high number of ads that appear in front of the user while browsing his account on this network, I tried to confirm my observation and search for statistics on this subject, and already found A study conducted by Brandnetwork Advertising, according to the company's study, showed that the number of its views on the network in August was about 50 million, and in September about 100 million views, bringing this number to 670 million in December! !! , Meaning that the rate of views increased 13 times over a period of not more than five months.

This sudden increase in the number of views has only one explanation, which is the increase in the number of ads displayed to the user while browsing for his account on Instagram, usually when the networks increase the number of ads displayed to the user, in return to reduce the cost of advertising, but This is not the case with Instagram. All reports indicate that the cost of CPM (cost per 1000 views) has not decreased, despite the increase in the number of ads served to the user, and the cost of advertising has been slightly raised.

On the other hand, when Entragam increases the number of ads it risks losing its popularity, the user hates the networks that run a lot of ads, threatening Entragram to lose more users.

If Entgram raises the number of ads without lowering the price, which angers advertisers, and on the other hand raises the number of ads, which angers users, Entgram must find a way to satisfy the user and advertiser and many competitors and adoption of this strategy is not justified at all, in the near future will be reports on The usefulness of Enstagram's policy, we will list any reports or studies on SEO in Arabic if they appear.


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