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Live broadcasts coming to LinkedIn

Live broadcasts coming to LinkedIn

Live broadcasts coming to LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world's largest social networking network for professionals, is a new and important feature.

Of course, we are talking about the live broadcast feature that will be available to its 600 million users over the coming weeks and months.

This week, the company launched live broadcasts in the US initially, and continues to test the overall feature and study interaction with it.

The company hopes to host the live broadcast platform to cover conferences, product announcements, questions and answers and other events led by the influencers, guides and hours of work from a large technology firm office, profit calls, graduation ceremony, awards and more.

Of course, these topics revolve around companies, businesses and business as well as the professional life of people. It makes no sense to broadcast a personal or family concert on the podium or any other broadcast videos unrelated to the work, and we do not know how the company will prevent those content that has nothing to do with the subject Platform.

17 months ago, the company launched the support feature for videos on the platform, and accordingly increased profits and the survival of users on the platform and interaction and participation rate as well.

The social network wants to keep users longer and provide them with more visual content that is still slightly on the platform, so the idea of ​​supporting live broadcasts is good.

Currently, the company is not offering any ads on the platform's videos, but this will be part of the company's plans for the future and may share revenue with publishers, especially the older ones.

To come up with the best possible live streaming service, the company works with Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza Media Systems, Socialive and Brandlive

The platform is also based on Microsoft's Azure Media, while there is no integration with Skype or any other services from the US software giant.


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