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Is online work easy?

Is online work easy?

Is online work easy?

Some people think that you will be working from home and you will inevitably rest and you will not face many
Challenges and difficulties during your work Because there is no time for you or a manager to control you,
The fact that you are already fully in charge of managing your time and business is still the entry into the free business
Just like any serious project, you start investing your time and skills in it, even if you do not take it seriously
A specific time for him and put it in your priorities will be your destiny fall to failure and failure to achieve results
Your dream will remain a distant dream.
So know that you will face many challenges that are good to be aware of before you enter This is our role today to tell you from our previous experiences what are the potential challenges And how to overcome them.

The first challenge: instability.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the independent is the instability of the value of income as well as the quantity of applications In a certain period, you feel a great deal of pressure and often feel less In applications and insufficient income.

The solution:

You can overcome this problem through three very important steps:
- The first step is to constantly market to yourself, advertise and publish videos for your services and others
In addition to writing articles that relate to areas and review your skills and experiences, which enhances your fame
And the popularity of your products to the masses.
- The second step: using these leisure time in the weight of your skill and evolution in education and practice
Of your domain.
- The third step is if there are too many requests with tight time: you should know
When you say no, apologize to your clients before they receive the requests or explicitly inform them of the actual dates
Remote to deliver that demand clarity is required to address any future differences that may affect On your reputation at times.

The second challenge: distance from society for long periods.

Although the greatest advantages of free enterprise are complete freedom and time control
What you see is that you can suffer from isolation from others and poor social communication, either because of stress
Applications and their abundance or because of the acquisition of the idea of developing your skills and areas in it.

The solution:

You can also take time to work with your friend - travel - visit relatives
A weekly example - practicing a favorite sport ... etc.

The third challenge: physical and health problems.

As long periods of time remain in front of the computer screen, it is possible to suffer from problems caused by
Sit for long periods in front of the computer. Disorder in focus - Obesity - Problems with vision - Pain in the neck
And back (and you'll find through Dr. David Agus about sitting for long periods harshly: "Health damage
Resulting from continuous sitting for 2 hours per day equivalent to the damage caused by smoking a pack of cigarettes and a quarter. "So it must
Be careful how long it takes to sit in front of the carrot.

The solution:

One of the best solutions I have found for this problem is simply to train yourself on the advancement of your place and work
Simple exercises every 21 minutes to revitalize your body and continue to work actively and protect yourself from disease.

The fourth challenge: unchecked working times.

One of the most unique features of self-employment, as we have already discussed, is freedom and full flexibility in time control
But it will affect you if you do not improve your time and be able to discipline and know when to start
And when it ends.

The solution:

There are many programs and applications to organize time and identify tasks, but the most important part is
Define and organize your time and your commitment to these controls as an independent) Set firm times for work and commitment
As far as possible.

Challenge 5: Difficulty accessing the first customer.

One of the biggest challenges for an independent is to get started and get his first job, and the reason
In that the customer or the human nature tends to choose the successful and distinct and those with business
Good precedent and good ratings.

The solution:

Be patient, committed, confident in God and fully believe in your abilities and then marketing for yourself and your services
Try to be as distinct from competitors as possible and keep in mind that everyone
He passed through that period

The sixth challenge: You are in the most competitive areas.

It is natural to see in the field of self-employment this fierce competition and there are two reasons for this competition
The first is that this is an effective option for many people
Your competitors are not only local but they may also be highly skilled
And efficiency

The solution:

Never give up Trying to make better service always with all the strength you can learn
More in your field and effective marketing for yourself and continue your efforts and you will find that you have preceded many of them
They leave the road or are tired of reaching their goal.

Challenge 7: Do not know the character of customers.

By working on the Internet, most of your transactions with customers are on screen and for each individual
He has a different personality and nationality in addition to their different timing.

The solution:

Despite the different personalities, all customers have one common characteristic: service delivery
The most appropriate solution is 100% positive
Be completely clear and detailed for each word you say and ask and inquire about each detail before
Start work to avoid wasting time and effort between the parties.

Challenge 8: Strange requests away from your field of specialization.

Some customers think that the independent is a super independent who can do anything in everything
In other words, if you are an example if you are working as a designer for a CV, someone will ask you to translate the CV from
Arabic to English!

The solution:

Make your answer present and apologize to him and only respond to his requests within the scope of the agreement in the best possible way,
If you have the ability to meet this additional request, it is not possible to deal with the other application in a way
Separately to take advantage of it.

Challenge 9: Frequent amendments.

This problem is a common problem during the execution of the work and may be exposed as an independent
Are often or illogical.

The solution:

Putting a written contract between the customer and the independent stating the number of amendments during the service implementation as well Completion and delivery. And if amendments are found contrary to the contract) as radical amendments
An independent person may then apologize to the customer and inform him of the need to purchase the service again or open
new project.

The 10th challenge: common lies and frustrating phrases.

One of the most famous lies on the personal level is also our project
Charity so cut us the price - if you give us a good price we will deal with you in many future projects 
We have noticed things and prices are much better than your prices (and unfortunately you will occasionally be exposed to some of these
Lies and are intended to collect the maximum possible benefit from the client.

The solution:

Be absolutely confident of what you do and do not underestimate your work or your values.


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