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How to learn English and new ways to learn

Studying through traditional books and studying grammar in ancient ways has become futile
But the damage and impedes the process of speaking fluent language so here is the best results
Studies and research on the most effective ways to learn language.

1. Study through short stories Stories Mini English

This is done by listening to a short English story and then answering questions through content
The answer is very simple and the answer to these questions is to repeat the new words
But in a more effective way not to forget it and then in the last step try to tell the story in
(Past, present, and future), which greatly enhances the sense of time as you speak

2. The film through videos and films

This is done by selecting a fairly easy film as an animated film example, then the movie is divided into
Multiple clips Each section has five minutes, adding Arabic and English subtitles for each scene
Separately, and without another translation, start with the translated section of Arabic and repeat it several times and then clip
And then repeat it several times, without translation, and then try to represent the viewer in all events
Dramatic that has happened to become after the end of the film has developed your language dramatically.
- Download the desired movie.
- From the subscene site you can download translations in several languages.
With this freemake program you can integrate subtitles and split movie

3. Study through listening and reading in the field of preference

This is done by choosing a domain that you prefer very much, so that "graphic design" searches for articles
For graphic design in English and reading, you will see tutorials for graphic design
Watch the video several times and be from YouTube and open the English Subtitles on the video
YouTube to read what you hear at the same time to enhance in this way your field of preference and to improve
Your language is heavily spoken


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