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How to learn any new skill quickly: 1 Divide your skill into several parts

Divide your skill into several parts

The first thing you need is to determine or not exactly what you want to learn: you must be specific.
Let's learn to write, and "writing" in itself is somewhat opaque. Do you want to learn to write
Poems? Blogging? Books? The same thing with a "rowing" sport example - do you want to train with a team,
Or alone? Each of these decisions makes you take specific steps about learning that skill.
If you have acquired a specific skill and have considered it, follow these steps
The desired skill in your mind The next steps are to learn that skill quickly.

- Divide your skill into several parts, and practice the most important parts.

Cutting the skill into small parts will not only make it easier. But it also lets you select the most important
Things you'll need to learn.
"Most of our belief that we should learn by bundling huge courses to get to know them
Skill, "but as Kaufman said in his lecture" TED. The more you can divide the skill, the more you are
Able to decide what are the most important parts that will help you get what you want? "
You can therefore practice these parts first. The result? You will be able to improve your performance in less time.

For example, suppose you want to learn three-dimensional architectural design on the 3D program
Max. You can divide that skill into several parts such as modeling buildings, adding materials, lighting mode
With the scene, the final scene output.
So the idea is to identify the most basic skills for you. You do not necessarily have to learn more commands
And tools to become professional in that specialty. This is a misconception, and the most important thing is to specify exactly what you want exactly
From that area, focusing on it and practicing and training on the fundamentals with great concentration.
If you are not sure which skills are most important to you, then the next step will tell you.


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