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Free courses in marketing and e-commerce

Free courses in marketing and e-commerce

Free courses in marketing

About 7 years ago, in 2007, when I was browsing the internet I found a site that contains a large collection of interactive video tutorials, a site called Now the site contains much more than that period in terms of numbers and fields of courses. In this site you will find courses in all fields of medicine, administration, pharmacy, languages, technology ... etc. Today, when I read my e-mail, I remembered the site alison, where I had already contacted the site at that time, and replied to one of them. I asked him about the cost of our internet and if I had a video tutorial for viewing through the alison website, But it is not suitable to display in a site like your site, you need to modify and add. Reply to me and said, "Ok, you can publish our site by giving you such an amount, do not mention the amount, a small amount, but collect the ads. "I will send your site to more than 1,000 postal addresses in the Arab world that are interested in what you have been subjected to, and I actually sent them before I sent you." I do not want an exchange.

As for our subject about free courses or courses in e-marketing and e-commerce, they are as follows:

You can choose any of them and they are all useful and you may need more than one course according to your current experience. I encourage you in the field to be developed. It is a combination of website development, commerce and e-marketing.

1. Diploma in E-Business

2. Diploma in Social Media Marketing

3. Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing

4. Google AdSense

5. Google Analytics

6. Google Applications for Business

7. Google Blogger

8. How to Create Your First Website

9- 21 Days to Building a Web Business

Web Page Development

11. Functionality of JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX

12- JavaScript and jQuery

13. Diploma in Web Design

Incidentally the site allows publishers to view their courses through the website after coordinating with the site management. If the publisher is an individual, company or institution. The system in the site allows the possibility of working a classroom, to give the session to more than one person and under the supervision of Musharraf.


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