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Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

Whether you are a webmaster, an e-store owner, a blogger or a content publisher, you must be aware of the importance of social networking sites in promoting your content. You must also know that Facebook is at the top of the social networking list, Do not end when you write a new article and publish it on your site, but there are many things that must be done after the publication of your article, the first of these is the participation of the new article through social media in general and Facebook in particular.

Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

The problem with bloggers and content writers is that we can not target the audience that uses smartphones by sharing articles on Facebook. The higher percentage of users browse their Facebook accounts through smartphones, but once they see your site they think twice before They click on the link that you have shared, because the user hates his phone to close the Facebook application and open the browser and wait until the content is downloaded through the browser. This slow and time consuming reduces the percentage of user clicks on the links you have shared If you browse Facebook from your smartphone.

To solve this problem Facebook Facebook launched a beta service called Instant Articles, a service that allows users to write their content directly on Facebook, if the user clicks the link that was shared from the smartphone The content hosted on Facebook is opened, and if the user clicks the link through the computer, the user's conversion is opened to the original site of the article, thereby eliminating the problem of the slow browsing of articles.

When Facebook launched this service to try it, the number of publishers was limited and Facebook put strict restrictions on publishers, so there were no more than dozens of them, and it was limited to famous publishers such as the New York Times and National Geographic, but recently, Facebook relaxed restrictions on publishers The number of users to serve instant articles is in the hundreds, but it is still limited to a limited number of publishers.

The good news is that Google will launch this service and make it available for use on April 12th, and will allow all bloggers to post their content directly to Facebook. Bloggers sharpen your pens and follow Mark Zuckerberg's call and prepare to try this service in April Next, you have recently recorded a quick video from my phone to show you the speed in opening the Instant Articles. You can see the section below or try the service yourself from your phone.


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