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Definition of unemployment

Definition of unemployment

Definition of unemployment

The unemployment

Many individuals in the community seek employment in an area, whether related to their studies or through general professional work, but many have difficulty finding suitable work for them because of the lack of available career opportunities, Of their work with the work in the labor market, which leads to delayed access to work, and may stop some of the search for a suitable job, resulting in an increase in the proportion of the number of unemployed, called the unemployment rate, which is collected many Greetings As they are considered part of the general economic rates of any country in the world.

Definition of unemployment

Unemployment is defined as an expression that is given to individuals who live without work; Unemployment is also defined as a situation in which a person who is unable to find employment is identified as his permanent attempt to seek work. Another definition of unemployment is that individuals in the community are able to work and have traveled many ways to find a job but have not had a suitable opportunity. Unemployment is one of the issues affecting society negatively, because it is spread among young people who are able to work, so it is never used with older people, children, individuals with mental or mental illnesses, or special physical needs that prevent them from doing any kind Of the types of work, which constitute obstacles to them; they are classified outside the labor force of the state.

Unemployment rate

Unemployment rate is the percentage of unemployment in a society, which is measured by the total number of unemployed persons and the total number of individuals able to work. The determination of this rate depends on the knowledge of a set of percentages: the geographic distribution of the unemployed Social status in urban and rural areas. Determining the percentages of males and females in terms of the employed and the unemployed. Measuring the age of individuals within the legal stage of the age of work and professions. Know the type of education and level of study for each individual in the work stage. The unemployment equation is used to calculate the unemployment rate: Unemployment rate = number of unemployed persons / number of employed persons; ie, knowledge of the percentage of unemployed persons, and then their division into the proportion of employed persons. For example: the percentage of unemployed in a country to 12%, while the proportion of workers in the same country up to 6%, what is the unemployment rate? Unemployment rate = Unemployment rate / employee ratio, ie 12% / 6% = 2%

Causes of unemployment

There are a number of reasons for the spread of unemployment: rural-urban migration, which leads to an increase in the number of unemployed people in cities. The emergence of fluctuations in the domestic economic situation in countries, which result in a range of economic difficulties, the most important of which is the lack of job creation. The number of available jobs is not commensurate with the number of individuals in the working age or age, leading to increased unemployment among them. Job qualifications of vacant positions are not suited to the educational qualifications or professional experience of individuals, which leads to the availability of jobs with no suitable staff. Provide jobs at certain times of the year, during which individuals work during a period of time that ends with their completion, for example agricultural occupations.

Types of unemployment

Unemployment is divided into a group of species, the most important of which are: Structural unemployment: Unemployment is the result of growth and development in some professional and practical fields, which replace labor in the application of activities in enterprises with a set of technological machines, They have enough skills to deal with recent developments. Fractional unemployment: Unemployment is shown by individuals who are able to work while leaving their old job and start looking for a new job. They lose the ability to collect any income during this period. Periodic Unemployment: A recession that affects the economic situation of a group of enterprises over a given period of time or in specific areas, with similar facilities in other regions that function well and provide the ability to attract many employees in their functional divisions.


Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by all countries in the world because it is associated with a proportion of individuals who have the ability to work but lack the right job, which contributes to the income that helps them cover their basic needs of expenses and obligations, That unemployment is a rate associated with the calculation of a percentage of its own, which depends on knowing the reasons that lead to the emergence of unemployment in all societies, and the appropriate ways to deal with them correctly, and also for unemployment group of now Which have a major impact on the global economy as one of the key rates associated with economic development.


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