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Create a successful personality

Create a successful personality

Create a successful personality

In order for the individual to have a distinct personality with successes and achievements, he must possess many qualities and attributes that make his character a successful personality, characterized by the qualifications of success and its components. The most important of these elements are the following:

Self confidence

Self-confidence is the primary key and main characteristic that a person with a successful personality must possess. Self-esteem and confidence are important ingredients in the formation of this personality. It is possible to achieve the required level of self-confidence by accompanying psychologically stable and confident individuals with abilities, The lives of effective influential figures from leaders and leaders, and to benefit from their experiences and experiences, in addition to research and investigation of strengths and development.
Any person can be successful in his or her life and in any field he wishes to fight, even if he has difficulties at first. It is natural that every work at its beginning is difficult, sometimes scary, and who have gone through such a situation. They have become representatives of their generations and role models. , Jean-Georier, the best political preacher of his day. Before he delivered the opening speeches, the tongue remained full year in the meeting room, and in the end he gathered his strength and became famous in his time.
And emphasizes the importance of self-confidence as a necessity of the formation of a successful personality through the detonation of potential capabilities and launch; by seeking to identify, and openness to discover, and open the broad prospects for investment. Self-confidence develops the courage and courage in the same person; where the manifestations of courage in the individual is reflected in his courage to make the right decisions, and to express personal opinions and attitudes and expression, and confront the attitudes and experiences and negative experiences and concerns, fear and tension.

Strong will

The strong will is one of the most important characteristics of a successful personality; it feeds its owner with determination, desire, and striving for the best. The weak will makes it weak and fragile, surrenders and is easily defeated, and shows throughout human history that there are many scientists and heroes who have achieved many victories In all fields and aspects, were without doubt a strong will and strong will, and strong will is influenced by many factors, including:

 Health factors:

An individual who suffers from health problems, malnutrition and organic diseases will undoubtedly suffer from the low level of his will; to carry out any accomplishment or activity and to succeed. Emotional factors: These factors depend on the emotional or emotional state of the individual towards any particular stimuli or activity; that the love of the individual to one aspect of the skill, may lead him to neglect the other aspects that he must take and achieve success, and hate and not accept it A particular activity may lead to the failure of this activity in which he must succeed; that is, the weak will toward undesirable activities generates a failure to perform, and failure.

Social factors:

The role of the frame and the social construction of the individual in the level of the will and strength.
The presence of the individual in a particular social environment may stimulate his will to achieve. His presence in another social environment may weaken his will and inhibit it, and the presence of the individual among his peers increases his willpower and drives him to success in general.

Unlimited ambition

Aspiration is the set of goals and goals that the individual seeks to achieve on the personal, practical and social levels; ambition is the inherent strength that drives man to diligence and perseverance, to stimulate thinking processes, creative and innovative abilities and to plan carefully and ultimately to achieve success in achieving goals. , And that the individual has an unlimited ambition means that he is an individual who does not tire of success, he makes himself within a circle of goals and continuous achievements, and when achieving a goal set himself another goal and seek again to achieve; Unlimited energies, and when standing at a certain level of ambition and achievements, it restricts its competencies and capabilities.

Activity and continuous work

Activity is the effort to accomplish the work and complete it, and achieve the desired goals, and the activity is one of the most important elements of success and founded; the work of the individual and his activity and his pursuit of success, and achieve the same level and degree of this quest, successful people are full of vitality and motivation to achieve, and Islam urges hard work And active and continuous activity, as well as to surrender to the lazy and alienate it, and prepare a bad and bad character.

Exploiting time

Smart and effective management of time opens the horizons of success to the individual by investing it as much as possible; to achieve the highest level of achievements in the shortest time; successful individuals are better able to exploit their time, making them able to achieve and enjoy with family and friends, and get the adequate amount of sleep and rest, Without stress and stress; the time-consuming management of the individual gains the trait of success in his personality.


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