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Character traits

Character traits

Character traits

Personality is a diverse mixture of response patterns, emotions, and behavior that a person possesses or does, and varies from person to person. They are influenced by several factors: genetic factors, values ​​and beliefs, life experiences, different stages, society, education, Life, crises, emotions, abilities, intelligence, and people around, and others, a group of types: social, sensitive, introversion, attraction, narcissism and nervousness.

Personal introversion
They tend to loneliness and isolation, stay away from places full of people, and enjoy their time alone: ​​trips, meetings, shopping, watching movies, non-emotional, do not give their feelings great value in their lives, and indifference in all life situations of anger, And do not respond to the advice and guidance provided by others, and characterized by a lack of talk and communication with others, whether verbal or non-verbal, and not an initiative in social relations , And interaction between them, and lack of desire for meetings, family visits, and social.

Narcissistic personality
He is characterized by his love and devotion to himself, and his great interest in it, and tries to achieve his interests and objectives through the exploitation of the weaknesses of others, and feel that a unique and unique personality, and walk all the ways that lead to beautify his image in front of others, and agitating the successes and achievements of others, and shows compassion or sympathy with Jealous.

Social personality
Loved by everyone, smiling and smiling, listening to others and their problems, flexible in dealing, having a great ability to be courteous, in tune with all characters, and trying to interact with them.
Neural character
Irritable, and easy to provoke. The owner is characterized by being emotional, irritated quickly, and stubborn, so that he does not accept the opinions of others.

Attractive personality
She is very confident of herself, and fun, and thinks about things positively and optimistically, and is characterized by romance and tenderness and kindness, it is emotional with others and pity them, and show respect for them, and calm characteristic in them, do not miss the smile on her face, and frank, and spontaneous in dealing with others.

Sensitive personality
Tend to mistrust the words and actions of others, and the most objectionable, and hostility, and does not take the criticism of the chest, and faces the critic harshly and a violent reaction, and quick provocation and emotion, and resort to exaggeration in the feelings and emotions, and cares about the feelings of others, and the speed of crying, and prefer isolation and unity, And exaggerate the sadness and humiliation when others ignore them, and feel remorse at the wrong of others, and try to reconcile others when the disagreement, to get satisfaction, do not say in their feelings a lot, and hate to be the focus of the pity of others.


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