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Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing

Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing

Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing

You may wonder what are the features of artificial intelligence that come to social media and e-platforms? Want to know how automated learning can improve your marketing?

These questions become even more important as these new technologies are deployed and entered into various fields, including online services.

It is certain that artificial intelligence will play a major role in e-marketing in the coming period, and marketers and salespeople will not be able to ignore it.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important To Marketers?
Experts explain that artificial intelligence is the new electricity, just as electricity began to run everything 100 years ago, artificial intelligence is added to everything now.

Electricity has changed everything, including transportation, factories and other industries and areas of life. Similarly, artificial intelligence will change the knowledge economy.

For marketers, upcoming changes are important because your business will benefit from the realization of artificial intelligence tools and techniques before your competitors.

If you work in the field of marketing agencies, you want to help your customers lead artificial intelligence, although marketers do not need to understand artificial intelligence in great detail, but they need to know enough about artificial intelligence to discover opportunities.

We're far from artificial intelligence that can run Google ad campaigns or send your kids to school and cook dinner, yet artificial narrow intelligence (abbreviated to narrow intelligence or ANI) is likely to replace an increasing number of human tasks.

In recent months we have been seeing bots and software that provide instant answers to customers through chatting and live chat in real time, and this is only the beginning of a trend that is expected to play a bigger role in the coming years.

What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence experts know that science makes things smart, and includes robots, natural language, vision, and much more.

Automated learning refers to computers that can learn without being explicitly taught. Automated learning is an area of ​​artificial intelligence that is now launched, especially a sub-category, called deep learning.

To illustrate, how will the computer learn what is the chair? Using traditional programming, you can use conditional statements such as "If the object has four legs and a chair and a back is a chair," the symbol will need to count the armchairs with arms and armchairs, wheelchairs, and so the resulting program will require a lot of code, One line will not work for the script.

Automatic learning provides a new way to teach computer what is the chair. Basically, you give the machine thousands of examples of chairs and non-chairs (such as tables, dogs and trees) so that the computer understands what the chair is and how it actually looks. Over time the machine learns to deduce whether there is a chair. Over the past five or ten years, this technique has become quite accurate.

Today, this technology is used to help people shop when you place a product on a camera. Pinterest, Amazon, or Google Lens apps (via Google Photos on iOS) can identify the product and try to find it for you.

You can point your Google Lens camera to your friend wearing a dress, find a set of similar dresses and tell you where to buy them.

In addition to identifying elements, artificial intelligence can make predictions, Amazon uses predictive artificial intelligence to tell you things like "People who bought this book also bought this book." Similarly Netflix suggests TV programs or movies that may interest you. Netflix even changes thumbnails using the same technique, based on your viewing habits, it expects the thumbnail that will attract you the most.

Automated learning in self-driving cars also works to solve forecasting problems, "On which street am I currently? What line should I be in? What will this car do to me? What will that person do with his legs? This means that he will predict how other things will move around you, and therefore which direction leads and whether to accelerate the car or use the brakes, and this is a simple example of the capabilities of learning automation.

Another example is Siri on iPhone, because more things include automated learning, Siri is increasingly able to fulfill her promise as a personal assistant.

Today it can remind you to make a call, in the future you may be tempted to leave early because of traffic or feeling that one meeting will be long and will be a waste of time for you and you should postpone or cancel it.

Artificial intelligence and marketing campaigns
Algorithms like those used by Facebook are a form of artificial intelligence that predicts articles or ads that are likely to be clicked by some users (although the algorithm includes much more).

Although it has not reached the stage of perfection or similarity with human behavior or the manual intervention of supervisors, it learns algorithms quickly and acquires the skills and information that make them deal with the same situations in the coming times better.

The algorithm tends to make big mistakes, yet most of the time it is good and sometimes even better than the best person.

For marketers, the potential of artificial intelligence has the potential to threaten the presence of their jobs or agencies. Marketers who still spend most of the day changing budget and click prices are particularly vulnerable, and marketers are likely to stop working or have to do more to change the way they do their daily tasks.


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