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Benefits of teamwork

Benefits of teamwork

Benefits of teamwork

Increased efficiency

Teamwork is a team that aims to achieve a common goal or a set of goals that increases the efficiency of work, accomplishes work faster by assigning responsibilities among team members each by specialization, and facilitates problem solving. You have many individuals working together to solve the dilemma in the work environment. , Thereby increasing the company's output efficiently, thereby increasing its revenues without having to hire more manpower to do the job.

Improve relationships in the work environment

Creating group workgroups in the work environment strengthens staff relationships, creates an environment in which employees pride themselves on their personal and independent achievements, celebrate the contributions of other co-workers at the same time, work together despite differences and resolve problems and conflicts in the team by resolving the problem in Including explaining conflicting ideas rather than going to the manager to mediate among themselves, and with time becoming a daily habit among employees.

improve spirit

Teamwork In a team, team members feel deeply committed to each other and to the common purpose they work for in the team. Thus, the confidence of the individual will increase because he feels that his work is valuable. His ideas and hard work bring good results, improve productivity, The other members of the team, each member has something special and special to offer, which raises the morale of the team based on trust and faith in each other.

Increase innovation

There are many companies that depend on their teamwork to create a creative work environment to increase innovation. These companies employ people in multiple disciplines in the public works field, and are assigned projects that suit their skills and interests. Sequence of leadership.


Definition of unemployment

Definition of unemployment

Definition of unemployment

The unemployment

Many individuals in the community seek employment in an area, whether related to their studies or through general professional work, but many have difficulty finding suitable work for them because of the lack of available career opportunities, Of their work with the work in the labor market, which leads to delayed access to work, and may stop some of the search for a suitable job, resulting in an increase in the proportion of the number of unemployed, called the unemployment rate, which is collected many Greetings As they are considered part of the general economic rates of any country in the world.

Definition of unemployment

Unemployment is defined as an expression that is given to individuals who live without work; Unemployment is also defined as a situation in which a person who is unable to find employment is identified as his permanent attempt to seek work. Another definition of unemployment is that individuals in the community are able to work and have traveled many ways to find a job but have not had a suitable opportunity. Unemployment is one of the issues affecting society negatively, because it is spread among young people who are able to work, so it is never used with older people, children, individuals with mental or mental illnesses, or special physical needs that prevent them from doing any kind Of the types of work, which constitute obstacles to them; they are classified outside the labor force of the state.

Unemployment rate

Unemployment rate is the percentage of unemployment in a society, which is measured by the total number of unemployed persons and the total number of individuals able to work. The determination of this rate depends on the knowledge of a set of percentages: the geographic distribution of the unemployed Social status in urban and rural areas. Determining the percentages of males and females in terms of the employed and the unemployed. Measuring the age of individuals within the legal stage of the age of work and professions. Know the type of education and level of study for each individual in the work stage. The unemployment equation is used to calculate the unemployment rate: Unemployment rate = number of unemployed persons / number of employed persons; ie, knowledge of the percentage of unemployed persons, and then their division into the proportion of employed persons. For example: the percentage of unemployed in a country to 12%, while the proportion of workers in the same country up to 6%, what is the unemployment rate? Unemployment rate = Unemployment rate / employee ratio, ie 12% / 6% = 2%

Causes of unemployment

There are a number of reasons for the spread of unemployment: rural-urban migration, which leads to an increase in the number of unemployed people in cities. The emergence of fluctuations in the domestic economic situation in countries, which result in a range of economic difficulties, the most important of which is the lack of job creation. The number of available jobs is not commensurate with the number of individuals in the working age or age, leading to increased unemployment among them. Job qualifications of vacant positions are not suited to the educational qualifications or professional experience of individuals, which leads to the availability of jobs with no suitable staff. Provide jobs at certain times of the year, during which individuals work during a period of time that ends with their completion, for example agricultural occupations.

Types of unemployment

Unemployment is divided into a group of species, the most important of which are: Structural unemployment: Unemployment is the result of growth and development in some professional and practical fields, which replace labor in the application of activities in enterprises with a set of technological machines, They have enough skills to deal with recent developments. Fractional unemployment: Unemployment is shown by individuals who are able to work while leaving their old job and start looking for a new job. They lose the ability to collect any income during this period. Periodic Unemployment: A recession that affects the economic situation of a group of enterprises over a given period of time or in specific areas, with similar facilities in other regions that function well and provide the ability to attract many employees in their functional divisions.


Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by all countries in the world because it is associated with a proportion of individuals who have the ability to work but lack the right job, which contributes to the income that helps them cover their basic needs of expenses and obligations, That unemployment is a rate associated with the calculation of a percentage of its own, which depends on knowing the reasons that lead to the emergence of unemployment in all societies, and the appropriate ways to deal with them correctly, and also for unemployment group of now Which have a major impact on the global economy as one of the key rates associated with economic development.


Moroccans greet King Mohammed VI and Pope of the Vatican

Moroccans greet King Mohammed VI and Pope of the Vatican

Moroccans greet King Mohammed VI and Pope of the Vatican

Pope Francis I arrived Saturday in Morocco for an official visit to the kingdom at the invitation of the faithful King Mohammed VI.

Upon arrival at Rabat Salé airport, the Pope was received by King Mohammed VI, who was accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid.

After receiving a bouquet of roses from the hands of two children, he welcomed his presenter. Pope Francis reviewed a selection of royal guards that greeted him before the Bishop of the Diocese of Cristobal Lopez came forward to greet him.

At the entrance to the Honorary Hall of Rabat Salé Airport, King Mohammed VI presented dates and milk to the authentic Moroccan tradition.

After a break in the honorary hall of the air station, the procession of Pope Francis and Prince of the Faithful, King Mohammed VI, went to the courtyard of the Hassan Mosque in Rabat, where an official reception was given to the head of the Catholic Church.

A large number of residents of the cities of Salé and Rabat gathered along the route of the procession, expressing their joy at the start of Pope Francis' visit to Morocco.

The Pope's solutions come in Morocco to enshrine the uniqueness of the Kingdom as a land of coexistence, meeting and tolerance, and exchange between Muslims and followers of other religions.

On the occasion, the streets of Salé, Salé and Rabat, were decorated with Moroccan national flags and flags of the Vatican State.

Free courses in marketing and e-commerce

Free courses in marketing and e-commerce

Free courses in marketing

About 7 years ago, in 2007, when I was browsing the internet I found a site that contains a large collection of interactive video tutorials, a site called Now the site contains much more than that period in terms of numbers and fields of courses. In this site you will find courses in all fields of medicine, administration, pharmacy, languages, technology ... etc. Today, when I read my e-mail, I remembered the site alison, where I had already contacted the site at that time, and replied to one of them. I asked him about the cost of our internet and if I had a video tutorial for viewing through the alison website, But it is not suitable to display in a site like your site, you need to modify and add. Reply to me and said, "Ok, you can publish our site by giving you such an amount, do not mention the amount, a small amount, but collect the ads. "I will send your site to more than 1,000 postal addresses in the Arab world that are interested in what you have been subjected to, and I actually sent them before I sent you." I do not want an exchange.

As for our subject about free courses or courses in e-marketing and e-commerce, they are as follows:

You can choose any of them and they are all useful and you may need more than one course according to your current experience. I encourage you in the field to be developed. It is a combination of website development, commerce and e-marketing.

1. Diploma in E-Business

2. Diploma in Social Media Marketing

3. Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing

4. Google AdSense

5. Google Analytics

6. Google Applications for Business

7. Google Blogger

8. How to Create Your First Website

9- 21 Days to Building a Web Business

Web Page Development

11. Functionality of JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX

12- JavaScript and jQuery

13. Diploma in Web Design

Incidentally the site allows publishers to view their courses through the website after coordinating with the site management. If the publisher is an individual, company or institution. The system in the site allows the possibility of working a classroom, to give the session to more than one person and under the supervision of Musharraf.


Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

Whether you are a webmaster, an e-store owner, a blogger or a content publisher, you must be aware of the importance of social networking sites in promoting your content. You must also know that Facebook is at the top of the social networking list, Do not end when you write a new article and publish it on your site, but there are many things that must be done after the publication of your article, the first of these is the participation of the new article through social media in general and Facebook in particular.

Facebook Instant Articles Instant Articles

The problem with bloggers and content writers is that we can not target the audience that uses smartphones by sharing articles on Facebook. The higher percentage of users browse their Facebook accounts through smartphones, but once they see your site they think twice before They click on the link that you have shared, because the user hates his phone to close the Facebook application and open the browser and wait until the content is downloaded through the browser. This slow and time consuming reduces the percentage of user clicks on the links you have shared If you browse Facebook from your smartphone.

To solve this problem Facebook Facebook launched a beta service called Instant Articles, a service that allows users to write their content directly on Facebook, if the user clicks the link that was shared from the smartphone The content hosted on Facebook is opened, and if the user clicks the link through the computer, the user's conversion is opened to the original site of the article, thereby eliminating the problem of the slow browsing of articles.

When Facebook launched this service to try it, the number of publishers was limited and Facebook put strict restrictions on publishers, so there were no more than dozens of them, and it was limited to famous publishers such as the New York Times and National Geographic, but recently, Facebook relaxed restrictions on publishers The number of users to serve instant articles is in the hundreds, but it is still limited to a limited number of publishers.

The good news is that Google will launch this service and make it available for use on April 12th, and will allow all bloggers to post their content directly to Facebook. Bloggers sharpen your pens and follow Mark Zuckerberg's call and prepare to try this service in April Next, you have recently recorded a quick video from my phone to show you the speed in opening the Instant Articles. You can see the section below or try the service yourself from your phone.


YouTube fights misinformation

YouTube fights misinformation

YouTube fights misinformation

It is certain that YouTube suffers from the proliferation of videos that promote lies, false information, false news and even false conspiracy theories.

Now the US platform has decided to take an important step to get rid of this misinformation and talk about adding the fact box that will be shown when you look for controversial issues, rumors or counterfeit news.

Buzzfeed confirmed that this feature will eventually be available worldwide and is currently available to some users in India.

The feature will work on all devices and will not be limited to Android or iPhone, nor do you need to download the latest version of the YouTube app to get it available in your area.

YouTube said:

"As part of our ongoing effort to build a better news experience on YouTube, we're expanding our dashboards to bring fact-finding from qualified publishers to YouTube."

For example, when you search for a specific filter, virus or information that confirms that a particular substance or product causes cancer, it may be because the user has heard of a common rumor or lie. YouTube's duty is to warn users to believe false news and lies.

YouTube is said to be working on this feature with a number of third-party fact-finding auditors, which is currently in India.

The fact sheet will automatically expose false claims by withdrawing information from third party sites.

Videos with misleading information will still appear in search results, so fact boards are a bigger warning to let users know what they're going to get.

The site can not remove content that directly misinforms the information unless it also violates the Platform Community Guidelines.

Instead, YouTube will expose the wrong claims in the search results in an attempt to block the videos from being misinformed, but users can still go ahead and watch videos if they want to.


Instagram will provide merchants with direct sales of the application

Instagram will provide merchants with direct sales of the application

Instagram will provide merchants with direct sales of the application

In good news for merchants, brands and even consumers, Instagram added a new feature that would provide business transactions directly to the application without accessing the website.

When people decide to buy a product from a brand or retailer on their own, they will be able to pay for that in-app product rather than leaving it to end the transaction on the retailer's website.

The service will retain the user's payment information in order to make transactions easier in the application without entering the different data each time the user presses the purchase button.

The idea of ​​this feature is that the fewer steps you take to complete your purchase, the more likely you are to complete the process.

This will encourage traders and brands to sell their products directly on the platform, and this may cause competition to e-shops where retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Chopaypay sell.

That's what you're hoping to get resolved with the Direct Purchase feature through the app. Users will have a credit card and a shipping address stored on the app, which means that purchases will take a few clicks, not a few minutes.

Historically, you've been happy to work as a traffic policeman when it comes to shopping where people's products appear through the "shopping tag" feature, but then direct them to a retailer that's easy to handle.

Over 20 brands will initially use the Checkout program, including Nike, Adidas, Dior, H & M, MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Uniqlo, Warby Parker and Zara.

It is expected to be expanded to various brands in the near future.


Ways to promote sales through the website

Ways to promote sales through the website

Ways to promote sales through the website

With this development in the field of web orientation by many companies and institutions, the only way to increase the sales of companies in general or in institutions is the initiative to go to the web, which will contribute effectively to increase sales and thus increase productivity and thus increase profits significantly. Here are some ways to increase sales across your company's website.

Instead of trying to please all visitors in your site you can customize your site to identify your product or service if it is specific or your product group in case you have a basket of products provided by your company or organization and answer all questions and inquiries that may be asked by visitors interested in your products, In addition to the product inquiries itself, the adoption of this procedure increases the increase in the proportion of sales per product in particular rather than putting all the products in one comprehensive comprehensive page, which distracts the attention of the visitor.

Create an e-mail form for visitors interested in your products and build an e-mail list for your visitors. This allows you to maintain regular contact with visitors, build relationships based on trust, and provide them with updates on your products and services. Where it has a significant impact in enhancing the purchasing power of one visitor.

Adding promotional offers through the pages of the website or making them float at the top of the web page when visiting the site or use pop-ups which proved to be useful for years as a unique marketing tool, but Google has blocked the pop-ups because of the reluctance of most visitors to these windows, which are used to increase visits to sites immersed Unwanted.

Use the appropriate title on the web page because the title has a significant impact on the company's sales in general as it is the main attraction of the visitor where he is interested and forcing him to read your message. It should be noted that the best way to write an address to attract a visitor is by expressing a problem in the title and inserting the solution into the text of the page

These are some of the methods used by website owners to increase the company's sales through the website of the company and has proven its worth in many trials and tests that were carried out where there was a significant increase in sales when used.


Top Tips For Profit From The Internet

Top Tips For Profit From The Internet

Top Tips For Profit From The Internet

Many of the attempts we make daily to achieve a return on the Internet, but with the many exploiters of these attempts you find yourself amid a series of articles and lessons that do not sing and do not return to you any kind of profit, and the question here is how to get rid of these misleading topics.

There are always basic rules for any business, and online work has its rules too. Today I will mention the 6 most important tips for success and profit from the Internet.

1- Faith in the idea of ​​profit:

The belief in the idea of ​​profit from the net is the first and most important point make you win from the net If you do not believe in the idea of ​​profit is not permissible to think or try to win through it is natural that you are not convinced of something will not do well and you must also know that profit from the net It is not easy and it has rules that must be respected and done in order to win through it.

2 - Search for reliable sources and choose the source of information:

Distance from the ignorant of the second most important things that you should consider in the success of the profit journey of the net do not mean ignorance of the not written or read, but I mean ignorant who talk about profit without experience and often their words is denied to the idea of ​​profit from the net and there is another kind of The ignorant are the two who have failed experience and deal with unknown companies and then share his experience failed to convey a negative charge affect you and frustrate you as well as the source of information is very important If the source of your information is incorrect your experience will end in failure and in those cases will stop working and profit from the net
Here is a simple and ideal solution to these problems, which I applied personally first for the ignorant Do not talk to them in the subject again and do not try to prove your opinion to them
As for the information you have a mind to distinguish between the best and the worst There are also some videos on YouTube for fraud, for example, win $ 20 every 5 minutes or win $ 2000 per month

3 - Organizing time and determining the field of science:

Before starting in the third element we must learn that profit from the net is an intellectual work as it happens on the ground, we must respect the time and choose the right field of work, the right field of work for us is not really more money for us, but is the most proficient in every area there is professional in Work is a great return on the net All areas of work open whatever the profession If you are a doctor or engineer or teacher or writer find your place for sure I choose the right for you and do not choose money
The time management is a key factor in determining the percentage of profit and this does not mean to be full-time 24 hours to 24 hours, but it depends on the work in which you work in, for example, if you want to write the codes of Alkptcha we will explain this method in another lesson, we have 4 hours a day divided by twice and so you can Set your time and win you.

4. Specialization and concentration:

Concentration and specialization is the key factor that will determine the failure or success of your career to profit from the net and your concentration in one area makes your effort intensified and your focus is higher.

5. Marketing:

Marketing for your business should be highly thoughtful whether you are shopping in forums or marketing sites for ads.

6- Selection of companies:

Sites and companies that you deal with must be guaranteed like Google Adsense or Google AdSense and if Forex sites should be guaranteed.


7 Tips to Getting Started from Home

7 Tips to Getting Started from Home

7 Tips to Getting Started from Home

With the availability of telecommuting opportunities and the youth to work in various fields on the Internet to help companies, institutions and individuals who need their services, work from home is common and there are thousands of people around the world who work from their homes, either from the bedrooms, living rooms or even The kitchen, no matter what is important is delivering quality work and commitment.

But to raise the quality you offer in your business whether blogging, marketing, content editing, site management, remote accounting, design, development, programming ... etc, there are many tips we offer you to work from home and achieve the best results.

In this article we will look at seven key tips to achieve the best possible results, which comes as a result of the experience of many successful, including the famous marketer Zac Johnson, who worked from his home for 20 years and succeeded in building a personal mark and achieve great success on the Internet.

Separate entertainment and work

Many people who hear about online work and work from home, imagine that it provides them with full freedom to do anything and play a lot with little work and achieve thousands of dollars per month, more than the professor, government employee and even large corporate employees do.

In fact, you can make thousands of dollars a month but if you separate between entertainment and work, free work is a commitment to quality and delivery times, and we all have problems at this level and it is good to fix the mistake and go ahead.

If you mix leisure and work, it's time to separate them. You can set the working hours for focus, implementation, production, and entertainment hours where you can go out to exercise, go to movies, shopping, hiking and other activities.

One solution is to separate the workplace from where you sleep, eat, kitchen, TV noise, or a family gathering place.



One of the most common problems of workers in this area is that the work desks are dirty. The computer may be dusty and the shelves are the same, and the same is true for the computer screen and keyboard. You can find a lot of dirty cups and cups, Which consumes during work.

If you are suffering from this problem, you must at least commit to clean up the office and its surroundings daily before you start working, or you can hire a server or maid to do it for you.

Soiled offices are unhealthy and do not encourage work and can turn into unpleasant, pessimistic and lazy places as well


Sports is essential

In fact the fitness of those who sit for long hours in offices to work is horribly down with the passage of years, and signs of this decline gain excess weight and also get a larger taut belly.

In general, the person appears to have a flabby body that is not healthy and has nothing to do with sport, which is a psychological and health barrier.

In this case, it is necessary to exercise daily, even for only 30 minutes a day, whether it is walking, running or any other sports activity that you like. To commit, it is better to participate in a sports club or to agree with a close friend.

Or you can bring a physical gym to your home once or twice a week, which will cost you some money but good for you.

Staying at home is permanently painful

For home workers, they have more ability to stay in offices and homes, avoid going out and watch out and other activities that require going out.

But at the psychological level to stay at home permanently without going out even once a week affects the individual depression and makes it revolves in a circle of mental diseases, including a sense of isolation and anxiety and social phobia.

So it is required at least to go out either for shopping or hiking and meet friends and also exercise outside as we said in the previous paragraph.

This is also an opportunity to breathe the air and take advantage of the sun rays which are useful for the skin and the human body, and also the friction with the nature of the world instead of living isolated

Commitment ... Commitment

The worst thing about working from home is the difficulty of meeting the work schedules you set for yourself, the daily program and the overall plan.

This, of course, affects productivity and therefore delays in the demands of companies and individuals that deal with them, which means a lot of chaos and scorn of conscience, especially if the requests are many and growing from other individuals.

What you need to know in this business is that you are the manager and therefore you are watching yourself, falling productivity, correcting mistakes, correcting yourself, improving your policy, and what you should know is not going to be ideal in this business but you can reach an excellent level of execution and commitment. Passes through many daily table optimizations based on previous experiences and lists the tasks you want to perform on the day.

Work suit or clothes

In order to feel some extra responsibility and behave as an administrator, you should make special clothing for the job, such as that worn by employees in corporate and institutional offices.

This is at least a sense of responsibility and that you really work and I'm not here to waste time in front of the computer, advice from the best telecommuters and from home who see that the coin suit or sleepwear is wrong behavior and you return to idle and work pixels and your mind to confuse work, recreation, rest and sleep Different and each one has its own specificity and requirements.


Work from home, of course, is a wonderful business these days. Companies and organizations have gone on to hire people for a variety of reasons. They see it as better for them to hire more employees in their offices.

For those of you who practice the profession of self-employment, you have to act responsibly with your job so as not to lose customers and improve performance day by day based on your past experiences. It is best to start with each day to identify all the tasks waiting for you to execute them.

Remember that it is best not to compromise in quality because it remains more important than the commitment itself. The client can understand the delay but will not understand the poor quality of the work that you offer him.


Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns

Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns

Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns

Today we will be talking about the real results associated with spyware on Facebook campaigns and how they do not give us the value claimed by the owners of these tools.
There are many free sections that we will mention in this article that can give us the same results, but may give us better and much more recent results than those tools.
Spyware on Facebook ads
Spyware Tools on Facebook Campaigns:
We often hear about tools to spy on advertising campaigns on Facebook and the most famous ones:
Social ad Ninja

And the questions that revolve around it always especially by beginners in the CPA, are these tools really useful or not? , And whether the amounts paid for it are worth it or it is just absurd to subscribe to such tools. !! What is the solution to spy on Facebook campaigns at the lowest possible cost?

I will talk about my experience with these tools and how I moved to a more effective tool that costs me more than $ 11 a month and gives me much better results than current spyware tools.

How spyware works on Facebook campaigns:
Once an ad starts appearing and repeated multiple times on the same age and country-specific account, these tools pull it out and store it in its database, which means a period of time before you can figure out which ads are best for the current month. They are also non-targeted public ads as Facebook Profile is designed to capture public campaigns launched within target countries.
Yes, it is a fact, for example: when I passed the New Year and Christmas, I could not see the best campaigns at the right time, which led me to discover and research on this subject.

Today, these shows are showing more than two months ago, but what is the solution we can find to get rid of this delay?
This question was directed to network owners but unfortunately the answer was that there was no specific time to get rid of this problem.


Marketing Commission: The future of advertising on Instagram

Marketing Commission: The future of advertising on Instagram

The future of advertising on Instagram

Advertising on social media is one of the most important sources of traffic nowadays. This is because of the great popularity of these sites, as well as the great accuracy in targeting, because the user's information and interests are well known to the user, and this is what makes it the source of Trafic Which is preferred for workers in the field of commission marketing, is for them an unbeatable source of profit and golden eggs.
There is no doubt that Facebook is the most social communication network in terms of advertising, ranked first in terms of customer demand for advertising, and second place is the rest of the social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Entangram and others, but the presence of these devices in second place Does not diminish its importance, as many customers take advantage of the best exploitation and make great profits from them.

Today's article speaks about the advertisement on the network Entgram, the reason for this particular network is my recent observation of the high number of ads that appear in front of the user while browsing his account on this network, I tried to confirm my observation and search for statistics on this subject, and already found A study conducted by Brandnetwork Advertising, according to the company's study, showed that the number of its views on the network in August was about 50 million, and in September about 100 million views, bringing this number to 670 million in December! !! , Meaning that the rate of views increased 13 times over a period of not more than five months.

This sudden increase in the number of views has only one explanation, which is the increase in the number of ads displayed to the user while browsing for his account on Instagram, usually when the networks increase the number of ads displayed to the user, in return to reduce the cost of advertising, but This is not the case with Instagram. All reports indicate that the cost of CPM (cost per 1000 views) has not decreased, despite the increase in the number of ads served to the user, and the cost of advertising has been slightly raised.

On the other hand, when Entragam increases the number of ads it risks losing its popularity, the user hates the networks that run a lot of ads, threatening Entragram to lose more users.

If Entgram raises the number of ads without lowering the price, which angers advertisers, and on the other hand raises the number of ads, which angers users, Entgram must find a way to satisfy the user and advertiser and many competitors and adoption of this strategy is not justified at all, in the near future will be reports on The usefulness of Enstagram's policy, we will list any reports or studies on SEO in Arabic if they appear.


Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing

Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing

Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing

You may wonder what are the features of artificial intelligence that come to social media and e-platforms? Want to know how automated learning can improve your marketing?

These questions become even more important as these new technologies are deployed and entered into various fields, including online services.

It is certain that artificial intelligence will play a major role in e-marketing in the coming period, and marketers and salespeople will not be able to ignore it.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important To Marketers?
Experts explain that artificial intelligence is the new electricity, just as electricity began to run everything 100 years ago, artificial intelligence is added to everything now.

Electricity has changed everything, including transportation, factories and other industries and areas of life. Similarly, artificial intelligence will change the knowledge economy.

For marketers, upcoming changes are important because your business will benefit from the realization of artificial intelligence tools and techniques before your competitors.

If you work in the field of marketing agencies, you want to help your customers lead artificial intelligence, although marketers do not need to understand artificial intelligence in great detail, but they need to know enough about artificial intelligence to discover opportunities.

We're far from artificial intelligence that can run Google ad campaigns or send your kids to school and cook dinner, yet artificial narrow intelligence (abbreviated to narrow intelligence or ANI) is likely to replace an increasing number of human tasks.

In recent months we have been seeing bots and software that provide instant answers to customers through chatting and live chat in real time, and this is only the beginning of a trend that is expected to play a bigger role in the coming years.

What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence experts know that science makes things smart, and includes robots, natural language, vision, and much more.

Automated learning refers to computers that can learn without being explicitly taught. Automated learning is an area of ​​artificial intelligence that is now launched, especially a sub-category, called deep learning.

To illustrate, how will the computer learn what is the chair? Using traditional programming, you can use conditional statements such as "If the object has four legs and a chair and a back is a chair," the symbol will need to count the armchairs with arms and armchairs, wheelchairs, and so the resulting program will require a lot of code, One line will not work for the script.

Automatic learning provides a new way to teach computer what is the chair. Basically, you give the machine thousands of examples of chairs and non-chairs (such as tables, dogs and trees) so that the computer understands what the chair is and how it actually looks. Over time the machine learns to deduce whether there is a chair. Over the past five or ten years, this technique has become quite accurate.

Today, this technology is used to help people shop when you place a product on a camera. Pinterest, Amazon, or Google Lens apps (via Google Photos on iOS) can identify the product and try to find it for you.

You can point your Google Lens camera to your friend wearing a dress, find a set of similar dresses and tell you where to buy them.

In addition to identifying elements, artificial intelligence can make predictions, Amazon uses predictive artificial intelligence to tell you things like "People who bought this book also bought this book." Similarly Netflix suggests TV programs or movies that may interest you. Netflix even changes thumbnails using the same technique, based on your viewing habits, it expects the thumbnail that will attract you the most.

Automated learning in self-driving cars also works to solve forecasting problems, "On which street am I currently? What line should I be in? What will this car do to me? What will that person do with his legs? This means that he will predict how other things will move around you, and therefore which direction leads and whether to accelerate the car or use the brakes, and this is a simple example of the capabilities of learning automation.

Another example is Siri on iPhone, because more things include automated learning, Siri is increasingly able to fulfill her promise as a personal assistant.

Today it can remind you to make a call, in the future you may be tempted to leave early because of traffic or feeling that one meeting will be long and will be a waste of time for you and you should postpone or cancel it.

Artificial intelligence and marketing campaigns
Algorithms like those used by Facebook are a form of artificial intelligence that predicts articles or ads that are likely to be clicked by some users (although the algorithm includes much more).

Although it has not reached the stage of perfection or similarity with human behavior or the manual intervention of supervisors, it learns algorithms quickly and acquires the skills and information that make them deal with the same situations in the coming times better.

The algorithm tends to make big mistakes, yet most of the time it is good and sometimes even better than the best person.

For marketers, the potential of artificial intelligence has the potential to threaten the presence of their jobs or agencies. Marketers who still spend most of the day changing budget and click prices are particularly vulnerable, and marketers are likely to stop working or have to do more to change the way they do their daily tasks.


Ways to stay in the minds of customers and earn their loyalty to your brand

Ways to stay in the minds of customers and earn their loyalty to your brand

Consumers spent 600 billion euros during sales periods, and this year's shopping season, which is now going on until the end of the year, should be very profitable.

As a merchant or brand owner, it's important to stay in the minds of customers to get the money they spend during the sales season. In fact, most companies say brand awareness comes before sales.

In this article we will learn 6 ways to stay in the minds of customers and gain their loyalty to your brand.

- Gathering information about target customers
To prepare for promotional periods, your primary goal should be your customers and what they have purchased in the past. From this perspective, you will need to collect data about your target customers to learn how to deal with them accurately.

- Start analyzing your reports and analytics to see what customers bought last year, promotions that attracted their attention, and marketing initiatives that proved effective in previous seasons. If you run Shopify online, you can find this data in the Reports section of your Admin interface, If you're running an actual store, you can find this information in your POS system, or in your actual analytics records.

These reports are not stored in your eCommerce dashboard as a decoration, but are useful when you are preparing for a new marketing campaign or plan to take advantage of the season of demand for your products and services.

- Send personal emails
Now that all this important information has been gathered through research and analysis efforts, it is time to use this data in email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the perfect channel to stay in your customers' minds, allowing you to connect with users quickly and easily, and share information about promotional offers and updates to your brand.

Of course, your customers may already receive dozens of e-mails from dozens of other merchants, so it's up to you to differentiate your messages from others' messages, how? You'll need to customize these emails.

According to a recent survey, 43% of marketers confirmed that customization led to more conversions. In addition, according to Autopilot, a survey of 1,200 consumers showed that customers were likely to respond to messages 4 times if they received personal offers, 49% They expect messages to be linked to their interests.

So you should send relevant and attractive emails in a timely manner, subscribers should be split according to specific criteria (eg, demographic criteria, geographical location, date of purchase, etc.) and then write relevant messages per segment.

- Stay connected through social networks
One of the most effective ways to make sure you stay in the customer's mind is to stay active on social networks. These channels provide you with the ability to deploy valuable updates to your followers and customers every day.

In this regard, we emphasize the importance of Instagram and Pantherst, where they are used strongly to explore products and access the latest offers.

This is because they are platforms based on visual content, images and videos remain the best marketing methods for products, but text content plays a key role as the attached description helps to better display images in search engine results and motivates followers to make the right decision.

- Share high-resolution images and product images for sale in your store and increase the number of followers naturally, interact with users, and create Pentreast panels that will attract consumers.

- Provide comfort
All traders know that wrapping products in gift wraps is a painful task, but part of the sales season. But why not offer this service to customers? Better yet, consider offering personal packaging.

According to a study by Dotcom Distribution, 49% of online shoppers said that custom packaging adds more excitement when a package is unloaded.

44% said packaging enhances the value of the product being shipped. In other words, the first impressions change the game and your products will stand out from the competition elements if you offer customers a free personal packaging and gift wrapping service.

This is just a great example of what you can offer your customers, where you can offer after sales service for free, or install and prepare your product after you buy it.

If you are running an actual store as well as an e-commerce store, you should also consider implementing POS withdrawal options for online purchases. This is a multi-channel sales strategy that allows customers to place and receive orders at your actual point of sale.

- Provide added value
During sales periods, offering discounted products and bargains is not enough. Distinguish competitors by creating compelling educational content. You can create practical blog articles, media guides on the products you sell, or even useful videos.

You can broadcast your content through social networks, you can use these channels to promote your blog posts or gift directories, and even stay in the minds of customers through live video streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

- Give customers a reason why they prefer you to competitors, a reason that distinguishes them from them, and makes many people attracted to your services.

- Engage in your community
Holidays and generosity go hand in hand, this is the perfect opportunity to support society. The initiative has substantial benefits and helps to boost sales.


Use of Hashtag in social networking sites

Use of Hashtag in social networking sites

Use of Hashtag in social networking sites

The use of Hashtag is very common in social networking sites. It is almost a day when the Internet is used to and you see many and many Hachtagat in many pages. The great use of this magic code # is not strange. Social Create the need for a means of linking all publications related to a particular subject, so imagine the sheer volume of content only see the following statistics:

347222 tweet is posted per minute on Twitter.
4166667 publications are rated on one page on Facebook
1736111 images are published per minute on Instagram.
You can also use the Hashtag for personal purposes and use it to publish your content or to promote a product, brand or service that you sell online through a set of tips that we will review together in the following article.

Tip 1: Make sure you use unique Hashtag
It is very important that the Hatchag you use in your campaign is unique and not used before, and your publications will be overlapped with other publications using the same Hatchtag, but how do you ensure that Hachtag is unique and unused? There are two ways. The first way is to search for the Hashtag that you want to use in social media and make sure it is not currently used. The second way is to use the following site, which allows you to search for a particular Hashtag and to make sure that the Hashtag is used.

Tip 2: Ensure the expression used with the Hashtag
The problem with the Hashtag that the term used is often short and Glick search for a word capable of delivering the target idea correctly, common mistakes in the use of Hashtag words and the expectation that the user will understand the meaning directly, I advise you to display the word used on a number of users and asked about The meaning they understood when reading the word and thus ensure the correct understanding of the idea that you want to publish via the Hashtag.

Tip 3: If the Hatchtag is in English, use uppercase letters
If you are using Hashtag in English, and the phrase you use with this Hashtag consists of a set of words, make each word start with a large letter, one look at this Hagtag enough to read it, or if you write all the words in small letters, it will not be easy The user must distinguish and read the statement at first sight.

Tip 4: Make the Hashtag as short as possible
Try to be as short as possible Hashtag so as not to affect the general meaning, short Ahhtagag easy to remember and do not take a lot of space, in addition to the user tends to click on the Hashtag short compared to the long Hashtag.

Tip 5: Use the Hatchtag with the brand properly
If you want to promote your brand using a specific hatchbag (a policy now followed by many large businesses), there should be a relationship between the user and the brand. For example, Red Bull, which produces energy drinks, has launched #PutACanOnit and It is a picture that users post and place a Red Bull box near the camera and shoot it as if it appears on top of another object. The campaign has achieved great success and wide spread and has received a lot of clicks, the reason for the uniqueness and the correct use of the brand.

Tip 6: Understand the way Hashtag works at each social networking site
Each means of social communication deals with the Hashtag in a different way and a different way, and sets different conditions on the Hashtag such as length and other things, for you and to ensure your realization of the use of this Hagtag I advise you to take a quick look at the criteria used by social media to use Hashtag .

Tip 7: Follow the Hashtag
After launching your Hashtag campaign, the next step is to track your Hashtag and monitor its expansion and spread so that you can evaluate your success and improve your campaign. There are many sites that you can use to track your Hashtag. Below are some sites you can use Tracking:
I hope the previous tips are clear,


Why should I contact companies by phone?

Why should I contact companies by phone?

Why should I contact companies by phone?

In your job search, connecting to a phone operator is a valuable tool, a very powerful and fast tool.

- Why call operators over the phone?

Because you need to find a job;
Because you use a direct communication method over speech or email;
Because the human relationship in the operation process is very important, do not rely exclusively on technology;
Because you are doing a more effective procedure that allows you to get a direct response to your candidacy for the position and can provide valuable information on how the organization operates.

- Best means of communication with institutions

Choose a quiet place where there is no source of discomfort;
Put in your hand means (note, pen, ..) to record the data you will transfer in the list of institutions you will contact;
Be sure to put your CV in front of your eyes, in case the interviewer asks you for any checks;
If you are ready, lift the speaker and connect: Speak in a friendly and bland manner, showing vitality.
Introduce yourself in a friendly manner and explain the subject of your call:
"Good morning, Madam or Sir, I introduce myself, my personal and family name, I am a graduate ... I would like to meet the person in charge of the operation"

If you connect with the person or department concerned, familiarize yourself with yourself in a clear and well-informed way.
If the person is absent and can not talk to you, ask for an appropriate time to call back and ask for the person's name: "Can you give me his name?"
Do not hesitate or show displeasure If you do not give the name of the person concerned, some organizations may want to not disclose the names of their employees at the first call.

- Rules that must be followed

Know yourself clearly, and ask to talk to the person in question, explain the subject of your connection and do not forget the words of thanks at every stage.
And finally if you can get the relevant person, ie the person who has the decision on the subject;
Know for yourself and show him the subject of your telephone call:
"I recently got my diploma in ... and I plan to become a ....., let me call you to make my candidacy.

"Do you have vacancies for ..., or do you have an interest in running a young collaborator ...;"

Prepare the phone interview tightly, know your contacts: Get the name of the person who will receive your nomination and email address, and remind you again.


What is the largest city in the world

What is the largest city in the world

What is the largest city in the world

The city is a site with a large population, and covers more than those covered by villages and small towns. A city is also called a group of societies that have traditional, legal or cultural advantages that make it different from other regions and places. Each city has its own authority and depends on the nature of the laws in force in the country in which it is located. The laws in countries grant cities administrative powers to control their sites and facilities, such as local municipalities.
Tokyo is the largest city in the world
Tokyo is the world's largest city with a population of about 37,832,892, according to the latest World Atlas update.

Tokyo Location
The city of Tokyo is located on the eastern side of Japan and is its official capital. It is bordered on the north-east by the River Ido and on the south by the Tama River. Tokyo has 23 inhabited areas and a Japanese state of about 13,500 km². Its climate is moderate most days of the year. The average temperature in July is 24 ° C. In January, Up to 4 ° C.

History of Tokyo
Historical studies indicate that the geographical location of the city of Tokyo has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but the first indication of the existence of the population dates back to the twelfth century AD in a village called Ido meaning the entrance gate, and this village saw remarkable growth during the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries And over time it became the largest city in the world and specifically in the late 18th century. Edo's name became Tokyo in 1868, and the Japanese Imperial Court moved on. But Tokyo's population was less affected by a range of unrest in its political environment, but it was able to grow and grow again. Over time, Tokyo was exposed to many fires and earthquakes that destroyed most of its features. The great losses that affected its society date back to World War II, when many air raids were carried out on its territory and many of its sites were turned into ruins. Japan surrendered in World War II and the US Army occupied Tokyo City. The US presence remained there until 1952, and since that year Tokyo has witnessed rapid and new developments, and reached its limits with the city being able to organize the Olympic Games for the summer session in 1964. The development and growth of the city of Tokyo continues, enhancing its position as one of the world's most important cities.

Tokyo residents
The population of Tokyo is characterized as belonging to one race of people, compared to some other cities with large ethnic variations. However, a group of ethnic non-Japanese ethnic groups living in the city, together with Tokyo's population minorities, are mainly Chinese and Koreans; They are not classified as Japanese despite their lives in Tokyo for many centuries. The city of Tokyo has attracted many of the people who moved to it, who lived outside its borders, especially those who came from rural areas, and most of these people were keen to move to Tokyo to benefit from the economic environment, which is quite different from the social and economic life in The countryside where they used to live, and young people make up the bulk of those people.

Economy of Tokyo
Tokyo is a major industrial center in the Japanese state. The city is interested in light industry, such as manufacturing electronic equipment and appliances, printing books and books. Tokyo is also the main financial and management center in Japan. There are several main headquarters of production facilities, For global companies, companies belonging to other Japanese regions, also located in Tokyo headquarters of the stock exchange. The development of the economy within Tokyo is influenced by the Japanese economic boom of the 1980s. Japan was an international center that competed with both the United States and European countries. The economic environment has led to increased speculation in real estate speculation, In the 1990s, Japan's economy was remarkably stable; however, the price of buildings within Tokyo remained the highest in the Japanese state.

Tourism and transportation in Tokyo
Travel to Japan and tourism in Tokyo depends on Japanese tourist laws and a passport and visa to stay in Japan. Tourism in Tokyo is easy and safe and does not require much cost. The city's commute depends on the use of trains and metro, and English is used in many places, making it easy for tourists to move around Tokyo.


How to be a programmer

How to be a programmer

How to be a programmer

Building Knowledge Base
Programming requires special skills in several fields, such as algebra, computer science, chemistry, and other languages. It is recommended to take courses in these fields at the high school level.

Obtain a bachelor's degree
People with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, computer science, or information technology have an opportunity to work as programmers more than those who do not have at least a bachelor's degree. The study of network fundamentals, database design, and business communications are considered appropriate courses for those who want to learn programming.

Learn programming languages
There are many programming languages, but programmers typically use one or more of the programming languages ​​in the software application, and one of the most popular languages ​​is Java and Visual Basic. It is recommended to expand the programming and take multiple courses to master the language of the computer, which can increase the opportunity to work in programming. Many companies specializing in this field training courses, and it is necessary to keep abreast of developments in the world of computers and programming, because they are renewed and developed very quickly.

What is programming
Programming is the writing of programs to implement specific computer processes designed to carry out various computer work by writing them through different programming languages, and the way to configure and write programs from one programmer to another, but the good programming contains several factors can be known success and effectiveness through several factors Such as the durability of the program, which allows it to continue even when it has some errors, and reliability, which is focused on the design of the program and the correct application of algorithms, and the efficiency of the program, and easy to read by other programmers and designers.

programming language
Programming language is defined as a computer language that is created by the programmers according to specific algorithms to execute and control the output of the program by the machine. The different programming languages ​​are divided into two main parts: syntax of sentences and semantics, each of which contains special documents to identify elements in them. Programming in computer language, but specialists in this area that the label may not be accurate; because there are thousands of programming languages ​​of the oldest language COBOL and FORTRAN.


Character traits

Character traits

Character traits

Personality is a diverse mixture of response patterns, emotions, and behavior that a person possesses or does, and varies from person to person. They are influenced by several factors: genetic factors, values ​​and beliefs, life experiences, different stages, society, education, Life, crises, emotions, abilities, intelligence, and people around, and others, a group of types: social, sensitive, introversion, attraction, narcissism and nervousness.

Personal introversion
They tend to loneliness and isolation, stay away from places full of people, and enjoy their time alone: ​​trips, meetings, shopping, watching movies, non-emotional, do not give their feelings great value in their lives, and indifference in all life situations of anger, And do not respond to the advice and guidance provided by others, and characterized by a lack of talk and communication with others, whether verbal or non-verbal, and not an initiative in social relations , And interaction between them, and lack of desire for meetings, family visits, and social.

Narcissistic personality
He is characterized by his love and devotion to himself, and his great interest in it, and tries to achieve his interests and objectives through the exploitation of the weaknesses of others, and feel that a unique and unique personality, and walk all the ways that lead to beautify his image in front of others, and agitating the successes and achievements of others, and shows compassion or sympathy with Jealous.

Social personality
Loved by everyone, smiling and smiling, listening to others and their problems, flexible in dealing, having a great ability to be courteous, in tune with all characters, and trying to interact with them.
Neural character
Irritable, and easy to provoke. The owner is characterized by being emotional, irritated quickly, and stubborn, so that he does not accept the opinions of others.

Attractive personality
She is very confident of herself, and fun, and thinks about things positively and optimistically, and is characterized by romance and tenderness and kindness, it is emotional with others and pity them, and show respect for them, and calm characteristic in them, do not miss the smile on her face, and frank, and spontaneous in dealing with others.

Sensitive personality
Tend to mistrust the words and actions of others, and the most objectionable, and hostility, and does not take the criticism of the chest, and faces the critic harshly and a violent reaction, and quick provocation and emotion, and resort to exaggeration in the feelings and emotions, and cares about the feelings of others, and the speed of crying, and prefer isolation and unity, And exaggerate the sadness and humiliation when others ignore them, and feel remorse at the wrong of others, and try to reconcile others when the disagreement, to get satisfaction, do not say in their feelings a lot, and hate to be the focus of the pity of others.


Successful personality traits

Successful personality traits

Successful personality traits

Willpower and self-confidence
 A successful personality has the power of will, which means doing it when you want to, and it avoids procrastination. Most of the great people in the world have been focused on their goals and their efforts to achieve them. It is also worth noting that self-confidence is unshakeable when successful , Which brings them closer to success.

Take responsibility and acknowledge error
A successful personality is capable of taking responsibility, making difficult decisions, bearing consequences, recognizing wrongdoing, and because success is not guaranteed. Exposure to setbacks is natural. What really distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful people is the ability to recognize and learn from mistakes. , And move towards achieving goals, so the successful usually make the necessary adjustments and continue to work, rather than feeling the failure and defeat of the soul.

Ambition and facing fears
Successful people see they can be the best in life, they think they have the ability to be the best in what they do, and they have the ability to work to face the fears that hinder many others; fear and suspicion are the two greatest enemies of success. Human life, fear can be overcome by doing things that usually scare people; because doing it repeatedly turns it into a habit, thus eliminating fear.

Optimism and patience
The optimistic personality always expects good results, does not consider failure a personal matter, and continues to try to reach success. Successors are usually patient and able to understand that everything in life involves failure, frustration, and taking these negative things Personalization may affect success.


Create a successful personality

Create a successful personality

Create a successful personality

In order for the individual to have a distinct personality with successes and achievements, he must possess many qualities and attributes that make his character a successful personality, characterized by the qualifications of success and its components. The most important of these elements are the following:

Self confidence

Self-confidence is the primary key and main characteristic that a person with a successful personality must possess. Self-esteem and confidence are important ingredients in the formation of this personality. It is possible to achieve the required level of self-confidence by accompanying psychologically stable and confident individuals with abilities, The lives of effective influential figures from leaders and leaders, and to benefit from their experiences and experiences, in addition to research and investigation of strengths and development.
Any person can be successful in his or her life and in any field he wishes to fight, even if he has difficulties at first. It is natural that every work at its beginning is difficult, sometimes scary, and who have gone through such a situation. They have become representatives of their generations and role models. , Jean-Georier, the best political preacher of his day. Before he delivered the opening speeches, the tongue remained full year in the meeting room, and in the end he gathered his strength and became famous in his time.
And emphasizes the importance of self-confidence as a necessity of the formation of a successful personality through the detonation of potential capabilities and launch; by seeking to identify, and openness to discover, and open the broad prospects for investment. Self-confidence develops the courage and courage in the same person; where the manifestations of courage in the individual is reflected in his courage to make the right decisions, and to express personal opinions and attitudes and expression, and confront the attitudes and experiences and negative experiences and concerns, fear and tension.

Strong will

The strong will is one of the most important characteristics of a successful personality; it feeds its owner with determination, desire, and striving for the best. The weak will makes it weak and fragile, surrenders and is easily defeated, and shows throughout human history that there are many scientists and heroes who have achieved many victories In all fields and aspects, were without doubt a strong will and strong will, and strong will is influenced by many factors, including:

 Health factors:

An individual who suffers from health problems, malnutrition and organic diseases will undoubtedly suffer from the low level of his will; to carry out any accomplishment or activity and to succeed. Emotional factors: These factors depend on the emotional or emotional state of the individual towards any particular stimuli or activity; that the love of the individual to one aspect of the skill, may lead him to neglect the other aspects that he must take and achieve success, and hate and not accept it A particular activity may lead to the failure of this activity in which he must succeed; that is, the weak will toward undesirable activities generates a failure to perform, and failure.

Social factors:

The role of the frame and the social construction of the individual in the level of the will and strength.
The presence of the individual in a particular social environment may stimulate his will to achieve. His presence in another social environment may weaken his will and inhibit it, and the presence of the individual among his peers increases his willpower and drives him to success in general.

Unlimited ambition

Aspiration is the set of goals and goals that the individual seeks to achieve on the personal, practical and social levels; ambition is the inherent strength that drives man to diligence and perseverance, to stimulate thinking processes, creative and innovative abilities and to plan carefully and ultimately to achieve success in achieving goals. , And that the individual has an unlimited ambition means that he is an individual who does not tire of success, he makes himself within a circle of goals and continuous achievements, and when achieving a goal set himself another goal and seek again to achieve; Unlimited energies, and when standing at a certain level of ambition and achievements, it restricts its competencies and capabilities.

Activity and continuous work

Activity is the effort to accomplish the work and complete it, and achieve the desired goals, and the activity is one of the most important elements of success and founded; the work of the individual and his activity and his pursuit of success, and achieve the same level and degree of this quest, successful people are full of vitality and motivation to achieve, and Islam urges hard work And active and continuous activity, as well as to surrender to the lazy and alienate it, and prepare a bad and bad character.

Exploiting time

Smart and effective management of time opens the horizons of success to the individual by investing it as much as possible; to achieve the highest level of achievements in the shortest time; successful individuals are better able to exploit their time, making them able to achieve and enjoy with family and friends, and get the adequate amount of sleep and rest, Without stress and stress; the time-consuming management of the individual gains the trait of success in his personality.


The art of dealing with the provocative personality

The art of dealing with the provocative personality

The art of dealing with the provocative personality

As we know that each action has a reaction, we must use the art of response. Most appropriate, most people when dealing with this personality is divided into two parts:

section 1: This character is met with a provocative manner, and responds to it in a stricter manner, in order to avoid harm caused to him because of this personality. This type of deal increases the quarrels, as well as increases the excitement and nervousness in front of him, and this is what this person seeks, And then you feel happy, and that he won the confrontation between you and his home.

Section 2: avoids this character, does not give him any consideration, and tries to get away from him, and this also feels the person who is provoked by victory. In both cases, your behavior was wrong, and the appropriate response techniques are irrelevant, because the person who was provoked in the first case realized that he had reached his will, he made you run, and in the second case he felt that you were harassed and influenced by the words he said. Danger. What should be followed? How do you deal with this character? Consider a person seriously without doing a job for him, showing his confidence in front of his eyes. Repeat the words, phrases, or insinuations he made, and then ask him my question, what do you mean by that? What is your intention? What do you have to say? And then you will not find the answer, and certainly will not find the answer, because the answer that will not utter it, it is just provocation, so you have avoided the bickering, nervousness that was going to happen, and have been completed to complete the project upset your mood, and stopped him alone, Feeling that you have not been affected and not fanaticism confirms his failure to provoke you, and we may increase this position well and positively, by advising this person that what he did not even permissible if provoked inadvertently, or was very motivating, because who wants to motivate someone to do so Appropriately, and away from people.


Self Development Skills

Self Development Skills

Self Development Skills

Self development is defined as the effort of the person and his quest to be better than he is; by improving his abilities, abilities and qualifications, by knowing and developing strengths in his character and development. This includes developing mental abilities, interpersonal skills and improving self-control, feelings and reactions , And imparting many skills and positive attitudes. The development of the self is of great importance to the individual or to the society, and its importance varies from one person to another in the degree or level, and the more the person develops for himself the more his position in society becomes better. Develop self-confidence first as an input to self-development.

Self-development and personality building need several skills, namely: setting goals and seeking to accomplish them: this needs to develop an appropriate plan and start implementation; to reach the end painted. Prioritizing: The objectives vary in importance. There is the important and the most important, so the individual has to live in the circle of important things, and implement them leaving the non-important activities, and this will achieve its objectives in less time and with higher efficiency. Learning is for work, not just for learning: Learning itself is very important, but it becomes useless and burdensome if a person does not work, so the individual has to use what he learns to serve himself and his community. Improving thinking: Good thinking is what distinguishes a person from another, a skill that needs training, and the necessity of the needs of the development of the individual and development, and one can overcome its problems and improve its conditions. Planting self-optimism: Positive is important for development, and positive energy distancing oneself from the sense of frustration and defeat, which increases the effectiveness of the individual and achievement, and promotes the spirit of initiative within. Evolution and success start from the inside of the individual; therefore, he must trust his abilities, and enhance his self-confidence and potential, and this makes him mastered his work and succeed in his life. Listening to others, and minimizing speech as possible; because good listening increases the chance of learning and gaining experience from others. Improve relationships with others, respect them, take them into account, and address them, while reducing their positive expectations, which increases the chances of benefiting from them. Balance in various aspects of life. The complexities of life and the inflated requirements may sometimes cause tension and frustration, so the individual must balance his relationships, work and all aspects of his life to suit his personality. Concentration of efforts on the part of the personality finds the individual himself, so that does not give his time for everything and then come out with nothing, and continue to develop this aspect, which increases the chances of development and achieve the goal.


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